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Kuwait Co-ops


I usually go through the house books every week or two, because the driver is the one who picks up the groceries for the house. A little while back I noticed something which I thought was a mistake, but I noticed that it happened too often. When you go to the co-op you give your number and they record the sale for a competition or prize or whatever is going on in your local area, but the more you buy the more points you have. Thats not really the issue, the issue is seeing a different number on the ID number then our house’s ID number, I thought it was a mistake. After looking into it, it turns out that the people at the register try to put in the ID number of their friend in the area. So I told my driver to watch out for it, but I saw it happen in front of me when I gave the guy at the register our number and he procceeded to punch in a  completely different number.  I told the man at the register either he puts in the correct number or I will be reporting him to the police. So please people if you buy from the Co-ops and have number make sure its your number on the reciepts. I found out it happens at different Co-ops as well.