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Nut Case


Today on my way back home from work this guy is sitting on a an exit that turns into my lane and decides to go, I had NO area to brake, none! I would have slammed right into him. I couldnt believe he pulled out since he didnt have any opening. I am really lucky that the guy on my left braked and gave me opening! I cut left and barely avoided him. I swerved around the car that was in front of me and managed to avoid a bad accident. I put the window down, and thanked him. He said he saw that the nut case behind me pulled out and I had no where to go. I was extremely grateful that I had such a considerate person driving next to me. The guy behind me was giving me dirty looks, and I really want to get out of my car and pull him out his car through his window. I thought to myself that it isnt worth it. When the light turned green he tried to get in front me when turning left under the bridge trying to overtake me from the right.. where there is no space.

This guy turned out to be a nuts so he slipped in front of me and slammed on his brakes. I was in the Landcruiser and he was in a white Nissan pickup truck. After the other cars moved away I decided to make my move since there wasnt going to be any collateral damage. It was the last straw, I dropped the Landcruiser a gear and took off in the left lane even though he was trying to cut me off I had enough momentum. Then when I got in front of him I slammed on my brakes hard enough to make him stop and I got out of my car to literally take him apart. Then he turned into Khaldiya and ran away. I got back in my car, drove home thinking that was surreal because then my cousin called me and she had something hilarious to tell me so it felt as if this whole thing didnt take place. Now that I think about I wish I got my hands on him. What a nutcase almost hitting me, then slamming his brakes in front of me just to make me crash into him, and giving me dirty looks. I really wish sometimes I think less of the consequences and just beat the crap out of him, after reasoning through it thats when I decided to get out of my car and go for it. Too bad he ran I would have gotten a good work out from breaking every bone in his body with my fists.