Pause on Riding


I have been riding for a while now, and the one thing I learned is not to ride the first couple of days it rains especially in Kuwait. In the last 36 hours I have seen at least 7 cars slide and crash. And yesterday as I was going to a meeting I took a turn at normal speed then I felt the landcruiser spin a good amount and I turned the steering wheel to adjust while keeping the throttle the same, and it caught traction again and readjusted. (Gotta love the Landcruiser)

When it first rains it forces all the oil and dirt deposits in the road to come to the surface. So its turning into a slipslide situation. I want it to rain a couple of more times before I go riding in the rain. I recommend riding in the rain for those who have been riding for a while, because it hones your skills and forces you to pay extreme attention to what your doing. I have ridden in the rain a lot and its a great feeling if you have the right gear not to get soaked, but not the beginning of rain season. You want the rain to wash all the dirt of the roads so that you lower the risk of falling.

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  1. very true. saw a lot of cars sliding and skiding yesterday cos of the rain and witnessed an accident that I was almost part of. As we say in Lebanon, the roads are “saboon” when it first rains.

    People, take marzouq’s advice seriously. Dont drive on wet roads the way u do on dry roads. There is no traction.

  2. Happened with me when it rained a bit last week. I was going into a small roundabout in Salmiya and only realized my car was sliding when I was halfway into the slide! I saw the traction light go on and safely nothing serious happened and the car got back into control. Good to know the stuff actually works in my 300M – good car!

    In my rearview mirror I saw the same happen to two other cars who were entering the roundabout, one of which spun 180! But thankfully even they made it out safe as there were no other cars.

    Fonzy does “saboon” have anything to do with soap? That’s what we call it in Urdu (which is a mixture of Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit).

  3. Actually we call soap “sabun” but I’m guessing its been derived from “saboon” (assuming it DOES mean soap in Arabic).

    Back to topic: Yes people, take Marzouq’s advice seriously. We’ve got enough accidents happening in Kuwait without the rain.

  4. Fonzy: I know what you mean, the first couple of days its going to be slip and slide. So Im taking it easy!

    Sabah: At least you know the 300M will keep you safe! Yeah Saboon is soap, its just about taking it easy for a few days.

  5. 1. you always have really nice pictures to complement your posts

    2, i’m singing in the rain lalalalaaaaa

  6. MetallicaMad

    nice pic

  7. jewaira

    Good advice.

    Very nice photo. Your photography?

  8. Laialy: thank you! hehehe! Keep singing!

    MetallicaMad: Thanks!

    Jewaira: Its just has to be mentioned! I didnt take this picture, but I try to mimic pictures such as these! Hard to find a road like that in Kuwait and take a picture without the possibility of getting run over! hehehe

  9. ” Hard to find a road like that in Kuwait and take a picture without the possibility of getting run over! hehehe” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! That cracked me up big time because I was imagining you lying on your belly in the middle of the road trying to take that picture LOL

  10. Jacqui: You think I havent tried that! hehehehe! But it is true, I think they would kill me and not think twice about it!

  11. I can see it, you laying there hehe and this guy speeding passes over you, but doesn’t run u over by much if he’s driving an SUV :P Which is higher off the ground LOL! Hilarious LOL!

  12. Jacqui: loooool! Im not going to test it with a Kuwaiti Stunt Driver! hehehe

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