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Pause on Riding


I have been riding for a while now, and the one thing I learned is not to ride the first couple of days it rains especially in Kuwait. In the last 36 hours I have seen at least 7 cars slide and crash. And yesterday as I was going to a meeting I took a turn at normal speed then I felt the landcruiser spin a good amount and I turned the steering wheel to adjust while keeping the throttle the same, and it caught traction again and readjusted. (Gotta love the Landcruiser)

When it first rains it forces all the oil and dirt deposits in the road to come to the surface. So its turning into a slipslide situation. I want it to rain a couple of more times before I go riding in the rain. I recommend riding in the rain for those who have been riding for a while, because it hones your skills and forces you to pay extreme attention to what your doing. I have ridden in the rain a lot and its a great feeling if you have the right gear not to get soaked, but not the beginning of rain season. You want the rain to wash all the dirt of the roads so that you lower the risk of falling.