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Microsoft Zune Reviews


I read two really informative reviews on the Microsoft Zune, and I have to say Im happy I dont own one. It some good features but at the same time there are issues with this product from Microsoft. Like usual when it comes from Microsoft it will have problems from day one, people were hoping that Microsoft would start from scratch with this, but there were issues.

The Zune is a player riddled with a lot of small issues — death by a thousand cuts. Do we think any particular one is a deal breaker? Well, even given our nightmarish software issues, not really. Do we think they should have worked out the kinks and sat out this holiday season? Probably, yeah. Do we think there’s potential for betterment of the platform and especially the player through software updates? Given enough time, absolutely. Would we recommend the product for purchase, like, right now? Not a chance.

Here are the Reviews: