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Workout 141106


I went to the Gym on tuesday right after work, because I didnt want to eat and I was stressed from being at work too long during the week. So I needed to hit the gym for a little while. I got motivated to go because the weather was nice and cool outside, and I wanted to ride my bike. It just gave me an excuse to go somewhere! I go in shorts and a t-shirt, and then wear jeans, the jacket, gloves, sneakers, and the helmet on top. So I wearing armor while Im riding to the gym.

I got to the gym parked by bike when downstairs but my bike gear in the locker and went up stairs to get started.

I started off on the Elyptical for 15 mins and this time I didnt feel tired at all. Knowing that I wasnt tired felt great, I knew I was improving but there were no direct results regarding weight loss, but I just felt good overall. There was a good amount of people in the gym, while I was working out they started the Salsa class which was 65% guys and 35% girls, which surprised me.

Salsa, Yoga, Aerobics, and those types of classes are just not my type of thing. For some reason I really not into being in a class when working out. If its a boxing course like what I did a while back its a little bit different since there is one on one interaction and you get to practice on dummy which was great.

Today was going to be chest and shoulders day.

When I was heading over to the back for the bench press I saw somebody I knew and he was in good shape! He told me I had a lot of motivation on the elyptical, I was just laughing about it, it was the music! hehehe

This time the goal was a lot of reps and some weights. I just wanted to get my blood pumping, and after a while of working out my shoulders and chest it was great. I was happy I was able to get a good workout in.

Im going with this idea:

  • More Reps
  • Medium Resistance
  • Making sure I get my blood pumping

Then after cleaning up I went to the locker room put my gear on and got on the bike to head home! Im almost out of gas, but I know I have enough to get me home.