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No “Thank You”

What is it with people! I dont get it why they dont say thank you, giving the cold shoulder and shrugging someone off seems to be standard here and it pisses me off! I thank people on purpose, be it a doorman, sombody letting me into the lane, a CEO, anyone! Showing a little gratitude might go a long way.

I get the weirdest looks from people when I say thank you. And I always thank people that give me way when Im riding.

What gets on my nerves is when you give someone way or you open the door and they give you a dirty look. When I let this lady out in front she gave me a dirty look because she thinks I might want to harrass her, but still she didnt have to give me a dirty look. She wasnt something you would want to look at anyways, and she has more makeup then the layer of asphalt on the ground. And its always these women giving dirty looks, and if Im on my bike they are always giving me dirty looks thinking that Im going to lean over and hit on them or something, but still that doesnt mean they should be assholes to everyone just because of a few bad apples.

When in my bike gear I get some people who like it or some people who think that Im a punk, but I dont care really. One time I picked up a drink from starbucks and I was leaving to get back on my bike, and a young lady with her baby son were walking in so I opened the door and looked the other direction just because I didnt want her to give me a dirty look. She said “merci” which honestly surprised me since I wasnt expecting it, it made me happy. A thank you does have an affect, I walked back to my bike smiling because of one kind word. Even when old men say thank you to me for stopping and letting them stop it makes me feel good.

The ones that annoy me are the old ladies that cross the streets like they own them, and when you do stop they dont even thank you. They just give you dirty looks.

This is something that annoys me in Kuwait! Almost no one says thank you!