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Sun Behind Me

I wanted to go riding thursday and didnt feel like just sitting at home. The weather was great and I needed to get out. I wanted to push my limits a bit. I wanted to clear my head of everything! I knew I had to fill up gas, and I was tired after work but I felt like just going for it. It was such nice weather that I wanted to keep riding for a while. I went through the highways to beginning of the Gulf Road from Shuweikh to start from their and go down. There were a few nutcases on the road, but I was happy that I passed a few bikers who were wearing full gear as well, it felt good that they were wearing full gear at least. When the road was empty and the right song came on I felt like pushing it a bit and damn it felt good to have your blood pumping and this rush of energy just coming through. So this is how superman feels when he is catching up with a jet plane. I just needed that after that thursday of work. It just felt fantastic when I was riding and the sun was hitting my back and I could see my shadow on the ground. Just great! I hope everyone had a good thursday too, I have a feeling Im in for a storm at work this week.

Im making professional photographers out of the guys at the gas station!


I parked next to a Buell Firebolt, first time I’ve seen one on the road, and its not the best bike Buell has but it is original! Never tried one, but curious to try one.