UCLA Student Tazed By LAPD

This is one messed up police! They tazed this kid 4-5 times, it hurts like hell. He was screaming his head off everytime they tazed him. He was being manhandled by the police because he couldnt provide identification that he is a student while sitting but then they tazed him saying he was resisting. You can read the story at the link below or watch the 6 minute video on Youtube, the story doesnt do the kid justice. Real screwed up, poor kid, I hope he sues them and wins millions!

Link: NBC Story
Link: Youtube

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. omg!!

    he better get millions! are they insane!!

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  3. y3awir il galb hal video. Their rep is so down the drain. I dont understand why more isnt done to curb police brutality in LA its getting rediculous

  4. Laialy: They need lawyers for this cause!

    no3ik: I hope he wins this lawsuit!

    ZiZoTiMe: I will visit!

    1001: Maskeen… bes I know what you mean LAPD’s philosophy is “Shoot first and dont ask questions.” O welcome back!

  5. paratrooper

    Wonder what the Jahra police would have done to him?

  6. SOS

    lol! hillarioius video….! he was squealing like a lil bitch! He was disobeying them and despite being told a million times to ‘stand up’ he clearly wasnt cooperating.They d have simply cuffed him if only he obeyed them right away but the smartass refused and look wat happened!!!

  7. paratrooper: They wouldnt have been there really!

    SOS: honestly man you would be surprised how you act when your being roughed up by a cop for no reason. I have dealt with cops in the states before and many are assholes. Even if you want to comply they shot a shitload of voltage through the guy I dont think he had the ability to stand up. He had no reason to resist, they gave him a reason.

  8. aleeh

    The guy is a dumb ass because he did not do as the cops told him. IF cops ask you to do something ,its in ur best interest to do it rather than try to be a smart ass. The stupid fellow was born in america and was still not aware of the laws. I would say the guy simply deserved it for not listening to the cop.

  9. aleeh: You had to be in the situation, as I mentioned before you think different went your rights are being violated!

  10. aleeh

    marzouq:cops are pretty much the same all around the world whether its in kuwait or in america or somewhere else in the world. You don’t listen to them they will take good care of you .Although,i do agree that use of excessive force was unnecessary.

  11. aleeh: we will see what the outcome of this is!

    Laialy: I wonder how good the lawyer is!

  12. Justin

    I think that all of you who are saying this kid should sue don’t know what you are talking about. Respect authority and you will not be bothered. There are so many of these kids out there who have done nothing for our country, and nothing for anyone except milk taxpayer dollars to go to college on the taxpayer dime. If he would have listened to police he would have been fine he did it to make a statement “F**k your patriot act?” Tell me this guy didn’t deserve what he got and I will say you are wrong. …..That’s great guys lets sue the police department, it’s your tax dollars that will go to this political protestor if he wins. I am not trying to say that police brutality is right…not in any way…however I do believe in this situation this guy got the attention he wanted for his cause. If he wants to fight for a cause he should do it the right way.

  13. Justin: If you werent there I dont think you could be a true judge no matter what. And getting zapped 6 times while posing no real threat, and already in hand cuffs Im sorry thats extremely excessive force for no real reason. The guy is not even half the size of these cops, thing is he wasnt guilty of any crime. What makes you think this kid is going on tax payer dollars, he could be paying out of pocket, secondly if he pays taxes, and his family pays taxes then he is entitled to the education. He had no cause to fight for in the first place, but being abused by a cop gave him a reason.

  14. I feel that i should clarify. It was not LAPD but rather campus police. Either ways it is still a abuse of power to taze some one to that extreme when they are saying they have a medical condition.

  15. I guess Justin is trying to say that the tax payer’s money will go to the kid if he wins, and therefore we should WANT him to not win, to save our money for “better” things. But its the responsibility of the cops, who ALSO get paid with our tax payer’s money, to ensure that situations like this don’t happen. The kid was on his way out, apparently. There was no reason to taze him to begin with, and thus give him something to sue for. If we want to preserve our tax payer’s money, maybe we should have law enforcement personnel who don’t indulge in sheer brutality.

  16. BDegan: Campus police on state owned universities are the regular police so I are real police, such as the LAPD. But I know what you mean regarding excessive force.

    DN: I know what Justin meant, but he went about it the wrong way. We shall see how the cops operate after this incident its like they wouldnt stop tazing him and he couldnt really resist compared how many cops there were.

  17. Agreed :) I guess I was trying to “help” Justin communicate his message the right way. :? And saving tax payer’s money is really the last priority when police brutality is the issue. :)

  18. Lucius

    Marzouq: It’s not voltage that is shot into a person being tased, it is amperage. Volts are not what shock you, its the amps. The setting the campus police has on the tasers was Drive setting, just enough to lock motor function for a short amount of time.

    While I do believe there was excessive abuse, this fellow had plenty of time and ability to cooperate.

  19. Lucius: your right about the taser details, but 6 times is pretty excessive and I think after the 3rd time his motor skills were pretty much useless!

  20. Albert

    we should stand against these outrageous actions! Let’s write/complain directly to the: [email protected].

    He should fire those policemen. You talk and you get tazed!??!?!? Well, this is not a democracy.

  21. One_and_only

    Thats bull shit. That tazed him for no reason. All he was trying to do is ask why he was getting arrested for. My parent use to be cops, they have to tell u why your getting arreasted

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