PS3 Insanity?!?


What the hell is going on with people!

People waiting in line while getting shot with BB Guns and getting injured for the sake of a PS3. A guy hires 60 temps to wait in line for him to get a PS3. The world gone WILD for the PS3.

Look at this GUY who is offering himself up for body gaurd services while waiting in line for a PS3 and knocking other people out so you get to it first!

The Prices for the PS3 is between $1000 to $2000. Are people that crazy that they cant wait a month or two.

I have never seen this much insanity for a gamesole no matter how good it is. I think I will wait a while before getting one! Im pretty happy with my XBox 360.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. cuz ppl have to be insane and have to look for crazy ways to make a big buck! :/ e-bay ma egool la2.

  2. Damn! o_O
    *goes to recruit himself as a suicidal bomber for PS3 buyers*

    I guess it’s about who has it first, just to brag about it. =/

    I never liked the xbox. I’ll just wait for the PS3 to drop in price.

  3. A friend of mine went to get it n saw a line of 600 ppl waitin at the shop’s door step knowing that there are only 6 ps3!! Shfeeha el sega? :P sonic o basta :P

  4. Did you read about the PS3 being sold for 9,000$ on EBay, a guy actually bought it for that price! IMAGINE!

  5. This is frightening.
    I mean, there are people starving in the world. I don’t mean people shouldn’t buy PS3’s etc., but paying a fair market price is more than enough.

  6. MSB:ee wala ebay ma egool la’a! They are really cashing on this!

    MacaholiQ8: I dont know all this for just bragging! Thats a lot of hassle!

    Yazeed: looool! U did it didnt you? hehehe

    Blasha:Ee wala SEGA!!!!!! SONICCC!!! I loved the guy!

    Jacqui: Thats just too much!

    moocherx: its just insanity, it literally beyond normal comprehension!

  7. :: el mishkila ina fee ashya2 e7na nsaweha o ohma ygolon 3ana meyanen o now we are saying inhom ohma meyanen :) what a world :)

  8. E, i know.. its crazy! I dont get it either..

  9. the problem is ppl can’t wait….i would rather wait for the ps4…:)

  10. Eddy

    2 people were also shot in the ps3 frenzy (with a real gun)….

    queshtion-how the hell did rihab complex manage to get ps3’s with all this chaos about huge lines, and absurd prices???

  11. this is just crazy
    nothing is worth standing in line imo

    2-4 people at casher yeah , but 50+ outside for hours isn’t worth it

  12. jewaira

    Crazy! Ishda3wah…
    I’m glad you’re so mature about it Marzouq ;)

  13. Rihab probably has the Japanese consoles and not the American ones, not much of a difference I believe, except the play buttons on the joysticks, similar to what happened with the PSP?

    And yeah I agree it was TOO MUCH! 9 THOU!

  14. frankom: Very true.

    Peony: we shall see what everyone is so crazy about!

    Laialy: its a bit over-rate true, but still lots of fun.

    MAZE: Ok I cant wait that long, i will probaly get it in the summer or something!

    Eddy: yeah I kept reading all the updates about people being stabbed, robbed, and shot for a PS3!

    forzaq8: its a fun experience the waiting, but not all the crazy stuff they are pulling!

    Jewaira: Im not that mature, its just that Im taking the rational side of it! hehehe!

    Jacqui: I would rather wait a couple of months!

    ZiZoTiMe: that is true, but getting the crap beaten out of you for that is insane!!

  15. LOOL its the newest drug on the street!! :)

  16. Fonzy: hehehe! People wont be sleeping for weeks!

    MAZE: I will get one day and sleep in while ride the rest of the day! That will do! You guys go crazy! hehehehe!

  17. You should have seen the Wii wating line. It was very friendly and everybody was discussing Zelda and other Nintendo titles, and then, playing the DS for some matches and etc. Simply because, everybody really wants to PLAY the Wii instead of selling it for a profit (cuz 3 out of 4 people who purchased PS3 went on selling it on ebay). How do you I know that? Well, because I was waiting in line too and I was able to get me a Wii (with Zelda + Red Steel + Truma Center)…and I’m having a blast.

    PS: Are you thinking of becoming a Wii60 owner?

    PS.S: Did you get GoW? One of my friends bought it and I got to play it around. It was amazing…I really loved it…I liked the 3D perspective ala Resident Evil 4. Superb ^_^

  18. Fallen Angel: I dont think i will become a Wii owner really since the platform of games dont fit my taste. But I know what you mean, half of those guys go to make a profit and not play the PS3 but Sony wants it like that. It becomes the in thing for these days.

    Im Getting GoW soon, Im going to rihab to see if the places have it!!! Im crossing my fingers!

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