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Review: The Departed


This is one movie that I had high expectations for and it exceeded them. A great combination of actors with a great director. The lines are blurred with all the action taking place with a fantastic story line. I have to say that Im not a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, I tend to avoid his movies because he annoys me, but after seeing this movie I have to say that he has great acting skills and the star of this movie is Jack Nicholson. Matt Damon did an amazing job with his part, and opposite him was Mark Wahlberg. You have to watch this movie if you havent seen it, its one of those great movies with blow after blow after blow. It isnt all action its about mind games, deception, unseen ties, and remembering everything that takes place. You have patches of information and this movie makes you think to patch everything together. It might be three hours long, but it was the fastest three hours I have ever felt. I cant recommend this movie enough! I loved Jack Nicholson in this movie!
Link: IMDB
Rating: r4.5.bmp