Gefen Home Theater Scaler


This is one interesting product, at first I thought it looked like a mac-mini, but I was wrong. It so much better then that, it upconverts any input/DVD to 1080p or whatever the highest resolution of the screen. It also acts as a switcher for all the inputs it has. Its priced at $400, but if it works as advertised its a great piece of electronics.

  • Two Components Input
  • Two HDMI Input

This product is filled with features for the quality to be high, and making sure the upconverting is done right.

Link: Gefen

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  1. Oooh this looks interesting..

    Your into electronics arent you ? hehee

    0o yaay im first, madrii shfeeny il.yoom im first in 2 blogs so far ;p

  2. Whenever i want to know what new in the electronic market, all i have to do is visit ur blog…

    Keep it up :)

  3. Bella Color: Im happy I could be of service!

  4. Grrr…I love wtching movies on DVD and I am sure the upconverting is great but I have no HD TV yet. This is a sleek little uint though.

    You’d be kinda screwed if you lost the remote though

  5. Bill Nad: You can get any universal remote to work with this! And yeah its a cool looking unit!

  6. numb: nope your right! I like the product after seeing off of engadget!

  7. Dan

    Will the 1080i up converted from component look just as good as ATSC HD over the air live 1080I ?

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