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Speed Cameras on Pause


I always watch out for cameras when Im driving, but when Im riding its a whole other story. I usually go 20Kph over the speed and I know they usually dont go off. But when Im on the bike the past couple of days I go faster when I see camera to see if anything happens.

When the road is empty I usually cruise going 160 Kph, but now when I see a camera I go past it at least 170Kph+ I want to see if it takes a picture. I have passed at least 30 – 40 cameras in every direction to see if it takes a picture, I mean from Shuweikh all the way south to Bnaider, and even Jleeb Shyookh. All the areas in between, noting has gone off. But all the cameras that take pictures from behind when crossing a red light or speeding through an intersection work, I had one take a picture when I was going quickly through an intersection on a green light.

The only working camera is on Al Ta’awoon Street opposite Dar Salwa, where Shiekh Sabah lives.

The ones Im sure of are the ones that take pictures from the front. In Kuwait its funny they switch the cameras on when they want and switch it off when they want, or maybe its broken and they dont feel like fixing it!