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A little Early or A little Late


School Traffic or Work Traffic. Thats the choice you have in the morning.

I leave to work at 7:30am or 7:15am to get there at 8:00am in school traffic, and I have to say that the women driving their kids are nuts. I really mean nuts, they fly faster then me, and cut me off and everybody else. Its like the apply the rules of engadgement when driving and not giving a damn about the vehicles on the road. If there is any amount of space in the in front of me they cut me off. And they drive either really really slow or as if they are flying an F-16. Its not as if they dont have kids inside the car.

Then there is the work traffic with all the pick-up trucks filled to the top, and all the other trucks. They are a bit annoying but at least not life threatening.

I arrive at work at 8:30am instead of 8:00am, but it takes me 30 mins when leaving late instead of 45 mins when leaving early. And its also less life threatening to leave late then it is to leave early. I arrive at work 30 mins late, but I told them I cant make to work by 8 am because of life threatening issues, and my boss just laughs. He said you can come in at 7am everyday for week but you can never be here at exactly 8am, and I said if I get the work done then I dont care what time I come in and the guy just started laughing.