A little Early or A little Late


School Traffic or Work Traffic. Thats the choice you have in the morning.

I leave to work at 7:30am or 7:15am to get there at 8:00am in school traffic, and I have to say that the women driving their kids are nuts. I really mean nuts, they fly faster then me, and cut me off and everybody else. Its like the apply the rules of engadgement when driving and not giving a damn about the vehicles on the road. If there is any amount of space in the in front of me they cut me off. And they drive either really really slow or as if they are flying an F-16. Its not as if they dont have kids inside the car.

Then there is the work traffic with all the pick-up trucks filled to the top, and all the other trucks. They are a bit annoying but at least not life threatening.

I arrive at work at 8:30am instead of 8:00am, but it takes me 30 mins when leaving late instead of 45 mins when leaving early. And its also less life threatening to leave late then it is to leave early. I arrive at work 30 mins late, but I told them I cant make to work by 8 am because of life threatening issues, and my boss just laughs. He said you can come in at 7am everyday for week but you can never be here at exactly 8am, and I said if I get the work done then I dont care what time I come in and the guy just started laughing.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yepp, people drive like crazy when it comes to rush hours. Overtaking your lane whether from the right or from the left through emergency lane! Sometimes they even go for another technique instead of overtaking which is “Undertaking”, literally! They swerve around the road to overtake causing you to loose control and probably crash into someone else or something.

  2. i think ur exaggerating the truth here, leaving 7:15 or 7:30 and reach 8:30.
    Can you lend me ur cute boss :S

  3. MacaholiQ8: its insane I know!!!!

    Jacqui: I concur to a certain degree, not all but the majority!

    Loura: Sorry I failed to write that I leave at 8:00am and get to work by 8:30am in work traffic with less nut cases on the world! My boss is available in Shuweikh if you need him!

  4. No seriously I hate them all, I don’t include myself but they seem to cut you off at the worst possible moments and instead of feeling ashamed if you honk at them, they go all offensive. Yesterday this woman CUT in front of me at the Bridge intersection and hell the bridge allowed only for 2 cars but instead they made it for 3 cars :/ and she thought she could go out faster so she swerved into my lane and i honked and she got all defensive, but when the other lane she was in started moving.. she swerved back and the women who was behind her honked at her.

    See they piss me off!

  5. SOS

    wtf! and i thought u were the boss….!

  6. sleep 8 hours then u’ll not be late to work….just leave ur alien alone!!

  7. jewaira

    What? You mean you’re not like us? We just teleport ourselves to where we need to go. Poor Marzouq. I hope I am not one of those crazy female drivers you are alluding too. Don’t forget the crazy taxi drivers and those rude people who pretend they don’t see your car as they cut in in front of you as you wait patiently for the light to turn green.

    I find it better if you go earlier than others. That way you avoid all the insanity

  8. I leave home at 10am .. don’t bother with traffic. I take the same approach to work; as long as its done .. no one minds.

  9. hehe im so glad my first class only starts at 11 so i leave at 10.30..

    No traffic at all ;p

  10. i have yet to learn how to deal with being late, i don’t think i can take it … you should talk to my causins they will tell how you how i freakout if we are in the movies at least 5 minutes before the movie starts I FREAK OUT

    i’d rather leave 6 am please :p

  11. …and don’t forget to nudge your way forward millimeter by millimeter at a red light… then when it turns green, take AGES to get going!

  12. Jacqui: I know what you mean, it happens on a daily basis!

    SOS: I work two.5 jobs so Im the boss at one while working under the main guy for another! Its the experience thats good, and its a lot on the plate really!

    MAZE: Its so hard to leave my alien alone!!!! Damn it!

    Jewaira: The problem with going early is catching those crazy moms! The taxis arent rude to me because Im in a big SUV.. so it scares the crap out of them!

    K: Get it done and nobody asks questions!

    Amo0ora: DAMN IT ALL! hehehe

    Laialy: loooooooooooooooooooooooooool! For movies I hate being late, but work is different! hehehe!

    moocherx: looooooooool! I know what you mean!

  13. “Getting it done” today involved sitting in Jamiyat Mishref for 4 hours trying to fix some network issues .. I found myself a good spot at starbucks and spoke to the office using skype .. :P

  14. K: alah ekoon ib 3oonick! Sitting in starbucks the whole time! looooll!

  15. It wasn’t that bad .. 2 different people sent me their phone numbers through bluetooth .. I found it hilarious.

  16. K: looool! The bluetooth thing annoys the hell out of me!

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