Me and Eric Riding

This is me on the Daytona 675 and Eric on my Yamaha FZ6. Its fun as hell riding with a friend, and after a while of riding with me we figured out each other’s comfort zones, but sometimes Im afraid he is too close! hehehe! We had a fun time that day starting off on Highway 9 in Los Gatos taking it all the way up and stopping for a break at Alice’s cafe then taking the other highway in the mountain back to highway 92 so we can get back on 280. And boy were we going nuts! The Daytona is such an agile bike turning at the flick of the wrist. It was non-stop and Eric was riding one the best learning bikes around. I think the FZ6 is a great bike, but its lacking some suspension modification and the brakes are bit spongy, but its a great bike and I changed the tires because the stock tires sucked. We had a good time that day, and we were having fun on 280 since its a 4-5 lane highway with beautiful sweeping curves!


More pictures below





This is the Triumph Sprint ST which is an extremely good bike, and I always wanted to try it!




I love my Daytona! Its a work of art and I wish every bike was this good! And riding on the sweeping highways and the great mountain roads was one of the best workouts you can do.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i love the pics marzouq!! wanasa

    theyre like toys or big pieces of candy ;)

    im glad u had fun guys … dont let it stop :)

  2. no3ik: candy they are! hehehe! 7amdilla you liked them!

    Laialy: You should visit Cali! I could have Eric pick you up! hehehe!

    bella color: hehehee! Yup! :)

  3. Marzouq were you on gulf road today around 1.30..

    I saw someone who looks like you..

  4. Amo0ora: at 1:30pm I was in meeting, and the conference call! Then I was stuck at work until 5pm! I wish I was riding! It seems I need to post my riding schedule for people! hehehe!

  5. aww 7asafaa, knt mestansa ena i saw you LOL..

  6. nQ: thank you!

    Laialy: U just let me know!

    Loura: inshalla! :)

    Amo0ora: hehehe! I will let you know my schedule this coming weekend! hehehe! I will post it up!

  7. I hate motorbikes, I almost lost a cousin because of one of those and once, this guy flu off his bike and landed right infront of my car, I was so going to run over him but I stopped suddenly and had my car hit from the back by some idiot, I wouldn’t call that an adventure, it’s suicide when you don’t know what you’re doing.

  8. Spontaneousnessity: Im sorry for your loss, but as you said its about knowing what your doing. Thats the message Im trying to get across I want people to understand the risk and manage it responsibly. Thats the problem I see in Kuwait they dont realize what they are getting into. I understand the risk and I know what Im getting into. I want people to enjoy it because its extremely enjoyable but to understand the risks and manage it.

  9. Jafar

    If you like ridding for fun then call me to try out my new KTM Superduke anytime next week , also may be you want to check out the new DUCATI 1098 voted the most beautiful bike in the Milan 62nd Motorcycles Exhibition last week.Check it out on Keep on ridding

  10. MAZE: yup

    Jafar: I will do that, I do want to test ride the KTM! Thank you!

  11. Eric looks hotter than you :P

    I see your big black ass sticking out mwahahaha

    & where is the sexy pics of Hamdy! Show him off *drool*

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