Bimota Delirio Again



I know I have posted about this work of art before, but after seeing the new pictures of this machine I couldnt help but drool over it. It looks amazing and based on the effort and work put into it I dont think it is anything short of fantastic. Just looking at the pictures I dont get tired of it! How can you put a price on a work of art, I dont know but this piece will cost a pretty penny. Bimota did an exquisite job making this motorcycle into what it is, and they keep learning from all their previous work and putting more effort into it. There are more pictures below.







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :) i can do all that with my eyes closed ::P

  2. Fonzy: loooooool! I would like to see that! hehehe!

  3. Fonzy: I think I might take some classes to learn how to do it right and not crack my head! hehehe!

  4. oooohhh i want !!! Inshalla i wanna learn how to ride ;p

    baby baby thats one HOT RIDE !!!

  5. LOL @ DROOL

    ok so its confirmed! bikes are shoes!

    u know what i mean ;)

  6. no3ik: loooooooool! I didnt know shoes were that dangerous!

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