Workout 211106


I have to say that this was the most painful workout I have had yet. I wanted to go to the gym on my bike but my legs were so sore from the last workout I didnt think it would be a good idea to ride if I wasnt at a 100%. So I got into my car and got annoyed with traffic on the way to the gym even though I knew that I could have gotten around it if I was riding my bike.

I went to the gym, and went straight up since I was already wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I hit the elyptical for 20 mins even though my legs were killing me! It felt better after the workout but still!

I need to do more stretching!

After the cadio I went and tried the powerplate for the first time and damn does it make you tired. Your whole body is vibrating like crazy and my head was vibrating making everything look fuzzy. After a while I felt my muscles tightening and it was feeling like a million contractions. It felt good though.

Then I hit the bench press, and kept going from there.

When I finished up with the gym I went home showered and went to my brothers place to grub, and I got to play with my nephew and he was making me crack up.

But damn I feel sore!!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. allah y3eenik.. Inshalla you will feel better soon.
    You will get used to it ;)

    aww i love your nephew,
    allah y5aleekom 7g ba3a’6 0o y5alee lekom..

  2. Two things that I’ve heard can alleviate the pain:

    1) Being in a really really hot place so that you’d sweat out toxins. They put us in a friggin furnace in my yoga class in the states.
    2) Drinking loads of water before the workout.

    If you keep going at it it will stop hurting after a while inshalla. What I hate is when I wake up at night with a sudden pain from a muscle. I think it means Ive pulled a muscle but why it happens when Im in the middle of sleeping and I stretch out I have no clue.

  3. Amo0ora: mashkoora, Im hoping the soreness wont be that bad! O ana amoot 3ala my nephew! He is funny and he does the greatest things!

    1001: I drink a ton of water and it still doesnt help! And its hot enough already I dont need to be in an oven! loooool! I think you might be moving too much while you sleep! hehehe! Bes hopefully it will get better soon! :)

  4. do you know when you force your muscles to do extra work out, you will
    help them shrink instead of build?

  5. Judy Abbott: That is what happens if your weight lifting large amounts which you arent used to, its a bit different then endurance training which Im trying to do. And if you havent used a muscle before it becomes sore the first time you push it.

  6. But ur not losing weight….:P

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