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Dress = Feel


The one reason I like winter in Kuwait more then summer is that I get to ride more, and I can wear sweaters to keep me warm. Its all about how you feel. Im happy today after work I felt like getting on my bike and going out, and at the same time I went and got a hairt cut and shave.

It felt good as hell since I finished up what I needed at work and I got on the bike and headed to the barber. 4 mins to shave my head and 10 mins to shave my face, and I was out the door putting my gear back on.

From there I went to Marina Mall to go check out The One and take a look at Virgin for a few things. As I was waiting at the light to make a U-turn off the gulf road and into Marina Mall two of my friends in a car spotted me while I was at the light. They were waving like crazy and I was laughing like crazy, so they kept calling not thinking that I cant pick-up the phone when Im in full gear so they texted me. After parking and taking my helmet and jacket off I gave them a buzz while walking into The One. They asked me to pass them by at Marina Cresent I said sure after taking a look at what I wanted. And thats where I spotted the PS3 at Virgin, and how bad it looks. Seriously Virgin looks horrible the way it is and you couldnt find anything so then I left to meet up with friends for a bit.

It was a good day.

I feel good so I put on a t-shirt and a sweater that I like and Im feeling really really comfortable right now. And on impulse Im going to the beach house to chill with some friends. Today’s decisions have all been on impulse and it has been good really. Sometimes a day of impulse decisions isnt bad as long as you feel good. And you dress the way you feel, right now I feel good so Im dressing comfortably, and when Im lazy I put on the most comfortable clothing I have. Im going to sleep in tomorrow!