Friday Ride


I went riding the other week, and I felt like sleeping in a bit. So before heading over to my cousins’ place I got on my bike for an hour or two of riding. And the roads were relatively empty so I head over to Marina Cresent to stop for a bit to get something to quinch my thirst. I took the gulf road all the way to Marina Cresent and the place was packed with people and load music all over the place, not music from cars but from speakers.

I saw the NBK sign with the Lamborghinis sitting under it. It seemed like it was the day they were going to do the draw for the vehicles. And there were two other covered vehicles, and the from the body of them I could tell they were Aston Martins but which one I wasnt sure. And now these days they have the Ad saying Yabeela Aston Martin. After taking a look at the cars I kept walking to Starbucks to get my stopover drink and keep on riding. As I was walking someone was calling my name but I couldnt figure out who it was from the whole damn crowd so I kept walking and I got a phone call. Turned out all those bikes were from the BMW/Ducati riders and I saw them sitting at Costa so I stopped by and said hello. Turned out the person who owns the Ducati Paul Smart 1000 was a friend, and I didnt even know. From there I went to back home to pick up the Dvds I was burning and headover to my cousins’ place.







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. aleeh

    Ah marzouq,you are now reminding me of kuwait.It’ll be not soon until i come back .

  2. oohh baby i love that car !!

    Did they give it away ?

  3. aleeh: I hope Im reminding you in a good way? :)

    Amo0ora: Yeah they gave away two lambos if Im not mistaken!

  4. nig6a

    yeah… i was there that day and my vocal cords were ruined. I couldn’t have a conversation with someone because of the music: BANG BANG BOOM BOOM!!! I had to literally SCREAM to get the words across the table… Not a big fan of lambos but those covered aston martins are heart aching i9ara7a :”D

  5. nig6a: the music was just going nuts, and like you Im not much of a fan of lambos, but those Aston Martins! Damn! hehehe

  6. Cyber: Im happy your always looking for me! hehehe! And Im happy the guy was wearing full gear! :)

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