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Sell Not Service


Companies in Kuwait seem to have a problem with the term service. There is no concept of it basically. All they want to do is sell their product to whomever wants it, and then they dont want anything to do with you. They dont care about customer retention, customers by recommendation, and other benefits of making a customer happy.

I can understand that there are some unreasonable customers in Kuwait, but they shouldnt alienate the whole country and only care about making a profit. Service has a great affect on the companies profit in the long term. I recommend certain places for certain things based on service, and I buy certain products based on service not just the price. At the end of the day you want peace of mind with the product you have not just a bargain, you want both. Whats worse is in Kuwait you get ripped off from the price, and you recieve no service.

This has been issue I have been dealing with non-stop. And if you buy the product then they should honor the warranty not me running around trying to get the product fixed. And whenever there is a real warranty issue they try to get out of it completely. There is no real consumer protection rights and that is what drive me nuts. There should be an opening for customer satisfaction with the idea of the Better Business Bureau being applied in Kuwait. I know thats asking for a lot, but could we at least start with something.