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Games From Rihab




Three Games that I got from Rihab were:

  • Gears of War
    • Price: 20KD
  • Call of Duty 3
    • Price: 20KD
  • Need for Speed Carbon (Special Edition)
    • Price: 22KD

I played Need for Speed with some friends and it was hilarious. Lots of fun game play and we were enjoying ourselves. The reason I got the special edition is because it has more cars and more tracks. I didnt mind paying the extra 2 KD for some more variety and fun. Its a good group game.

Now Gears of War, thats a whole other subject on it own. Its probably the best Xbox 360 game out since they made this console! The only game I could think that could top it right now would be Halo 3 but its going to be a while before we see that. I have just been playing this game myself not even on Xbox Live, I cant wait to try it online.