Games From Rihab




Three Games that I got from Rihab were:

  • Gears of War
  • Price: 20KD
  • Call of Duty 3
    • Price: 20KD
  • Need for Speed Carbon (Special Edition)
    • Price: 22KD

    I played Need for Speed with some friends and it was hilarious. Lots of fun game play and we were enjoying ourselves. The reason I got the special edition is because it has more cars and more tracks. I didnt mind paying the extra 2 KD for some more variety and fun. Its a good group game.

    Now Gears of War, thats a whole other subject on it own. Its probably the best Xbox 360 game out since they made this console! The only game I could think that could top it right now would be Halo 3 but its going to be a while before we see that. I have just been playing this game myself not even on Xbox Live, I cant wait to try it online.

    A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


    1. Man I effin envy you. I left the gaming world behind about 6 years ago, in the days of PS1s, Dreamcasts, and N64s. I’ve always looked back on that decision with regret, but my gaming buddies (cousins) got out of it and being a girl it wasn’t easy for me to latch on to another group. I thought that’s that. Now I’m rethinking things but my hand-to-eye (crappyish to start with) has basically gone to hell. Gears of War though, I may get me a 360 and possibly murder someone to get my hands on that. It looks sweeeet.

    2. NFS series are quite repetitive…I dunno if there’s a major change in the new title. However, great choice picking CoD3…it’s a great game. And for GoW, well, I guess I don’t need to tell you it’s an excellent game (although the deal regarding its trilogy scary me a little…hope they don’t miss it too much).

      Cannot wait for your impressions/reviews…if there’s any LOOL :D

    3. Heyyy.. I got NEED FOR SPEED CARBON last week tooooo..
      well actually I asked a friend to get it for me..

      I played it and loooved it..
      I bashed the DB9 7araam.. I’m so bad at the curves.. ;P
      o china punishment that on my way to work the next day my tires were messed up.. one in the back was flat.. there was a nail in it.. o one in the front had a sa3roora is what they called it.. so straight from the Gas station to Shwaikh.. I took my baby to shwaikh..
      yes, I , personally took my baby to Dunlop shwaikh.. picked new smashing tires and watched them change it..
      now I tell you.. no shoes or handbag purchase could ever top that..
      I was on a high all day..
      I wanna by tires everyday :P

      enjoy your toys MZzee :)

    4. SnoCone: If I were you I would totally get into it! My cousin is 37 and the guy is a gamer like me, and we play games after his kids go to sleep. And these games are really intesnese! Gears of War are really worth it!

      Fallen: I got NFS since I have gotten any for a long time, and I needed something to entertain the groups since they are horrible at first person shooters! Gears of War is fantastic! I just wish I had the time to play!

      DiiGMaa: looool! U have been initiated into the Shuweikh domain! Its a fantastic world, and watching them do what they do is fantastic and enjoyable! I can totally understand how you feel when you got the new tires!

      Mark: Didnt find anything that good, but at least we got a few entertaining options to work with!

    5. SOS

      im still d/loading NFS – Carbon. my friends told me it doesnt pack the punch of NFS – MW…. but still id give it try…!

      btw is Gears of War available on PC?

    6. SOS: NFS-Carbon is entertaining, Im not sure if Gears of War is available on PC! It is rumored to be coming out!

    7. Honestly…the guys at EA disappointed me with Carbon. After all those sneak previews about the new game…I expected it to be much better than MW. Too easy I finished it in 3 days…the only cool new features were the online gaming, muscle cars, and Tokyo Drift-style canyon races…other than that, the game pretty much sucked.

      Hope Ferarri allows them to use their cars in the upcoming installment…

    8. evolution: looool! If you can find the place! hehehe

      Sam: I havent played a need for speed game in a while so it isnt that bad to me! :)

    9. Mo Hat


      And get Forza Motorsport 2 in Feb 2007, you dont want to miss out on that.

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