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One of the things I learned while in the US is always to have some extra cash in your for car for one reason or another. Just enough to get you by on gas or whatever else you might need.

I have seen it happen once or twice in Kuwait where the person didnt have cash on them, and the gas station attendees arent really going to be carrying around a wireless K-Net charger with them, I think they only have that at the cashier and thats if they have that. How many times have you opened your wallet or purse to be happy that you had enough cash to pay gas. I have come close not to having any except for being prepared. I always have at least 10-15KD in change in some compartment in the car. And it has happened where I forgot to get cash from the ATM and only a few are located in gas stations. I was happy as hell that I had some cash in my car! Its for emergency cases!

I think the worst situation to be is filling up gas and then realizing you dont have any cash and no way to get it at the time!

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  1. getdown_4ever

    it happened with me in the weekend they had knet but it didn’t work because i gave to cards and rejected ( i know there is money in it ) i was like 500 files short so i gave my civil id

  2. Marz…shoot me man…the other day late night, I was on my way back to salmiya from souq sharq and thot I will fill some gas from the sawaber station….I told the guy to fill full and gave me my knet card…and he came back saying its not working….I told him lets try again and I went there near to the machine, we tried couple times, but the error message was “card not authorised in the database”….it was so embarrassing….so, I went back to the car and checked my wallet and had nothing other than a 250 fils note…shit! then I opened the coins compartment where I keep a lot of 100’s and 50’s and managed to give the guy 3.700 KD…..i parked my car to the side, and sent sms ABAL 01XX to 801801 to check my balance and there was enough cash…..but when cards dont work, its really embarassing, esp when there are lot of people…

  3. shoot like you once said the comment is bigger than the post…

  4. My area is getting new ATM machines at our gas station which is cool, but yeah I totally understand where you’re coming from lol :s I had that happen to me once in college I had zero cash on hand and my K-net card was rejected but I know I got cash in it. But yeah good idea.

  5. fats

    I keep a 10 kd note tucked away in my wallet ,just for emergencies :)

  6. Aleeh

    strangely enough ,a lot of good things are only learned from America. Kuwait is only for learning how to not do things the right way.(;

  7. I always carry extra cash then i need cuz i know ill need it.. even if im just visiting someone i know that in some cases i will need it..

    the other day i was in starbucks and after i ordered i realised i forgot my walled in my moms car which already drove off..
    Luckily the girl with me (in uni.) offered to pay !! I was soooo embarrased !!

  8. hehe then u would have to clean windsheilds all day for the gas u filled up :)

  9. getdown_4ever: Im telling you keep some cash in your car! Thats a situation you dont want to be in again!

    Cyberrowdy: hahahaha! Dont worry about the comment, I love reading other people’s stories! Yeah, Im telling you keep some cash in your car, you will be happy you have it the day you need it!

    Jacqui: its about being ready for just the odd situation, and having it if you need it! I keep checking very few with atms from the areas inside Kuwait city or Shuweikh, maybe they are putting them in the new ones!

    fats: I have that in my wallet, but the car thing is a whole other issue!

    Aleeh: it isnt the case all the time, but its sad how the masses see screwed up things as normal.. inshalla things will improve!

    Amo0ora: having a friend pay isnt that bad compared to filling up gas and not having cash to fill it up!

    Fonzy: hehehehe!

  10. Me,
    I put the gas nozzle in the car, and before I start pumping, make sure I have enough cash in the wallet to cover up the bill.

  11. Cajetan Barretto: not everyone does that, and sometimes I forget! Usually I make I keep enough cash in the car to cover for a full tank.

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