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Glove Cash


One of the things I learned while in the US is always to have some extra cash in your for car for one reason or another. Just enough to get you by on gas or whatever else you might need.

I have seen it happen once or twice in Kuwait where the person didnt have cash on them, and the gas station attendees arent really going to be carrying around a wireless K-Net charger with them, I think they only have that at the cashier and thats if they have that. How many times have you opened your wallet or purse to be happy that you had enough cash to pay gas. I have come close not to having any except for being prepared. I always have at least 10-15KD in change in some compartment in the car. And it has happened where I forgot to get cash from the ATM and only a few are located in gas stations. I was happy as hell that I had some cash in my car! Its for emergency cases!

I think the worst situation to be is filling up gas and then realizing you dont have any cash and no way to get it at the time!