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Well Done


Just feeling it.

  • My brain isnt at full functionality, I may only be using 0.84% of it right now.
  • I have been staring at screens and numbers, talking on the phone for the past 12 hours.
  • I havent had a bite to eat.
  • At one point I felt tired, but not just that anymore
  • My whole domain feels fuzzy or blurry
  • Im home and its 8:32pm (woke up at 5am), at last home, but I got to be at work at 7am tomorrow.

After all this.. and I feel totally burnt out right now, I dont want to just pass out.

The only right way I see about this is going to the gym after making this post no matter how tired I am. I am going, and Im going to order Kabab-Ji after the gym for some intake of meat. Hopefully everyone else enjoyed the beautiful day outside.