Got To Love Juicy



I would like to thank the creators of Juicy! Im a man that loves seeing Juicy on the right woman. I really think that seeing a Juicy tracksuit on the right girl is a lot better then any skimpy outfit! It leaves a lot to the imagination and it shows just enough of the right curves! There those who say there is others out there, or girls might like other ones. But there is nothing more familiar then seeing Juicy on the right derriere, and there will be any other which will be more famous to men and the tracksuits seem extremely comfortable. I love Juicy! Long live Juicy!

That is it for now. More to come later! hehehe

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. juicy ? well, but on the wrong side :D sorry I am bit kinky on this. LOL

  2. LOL! Juicy huh?! I think someone is high or stoned or anything. But some females nowadays wear this to the mall as if its the fashionable thing, and not as a track suit to wear to the gym heh :s

  3. i love juicy ! thier the best tracksuits..

    bSs not for malls, thier for working out ;p

  4. Aleeh

    young lads in kuwait will go crazy if women wear this in malls and public places. I like the part where u say that u can leave the rest to your imagination. I can imagine only dirty thoughts can come in ur mind. Seeing a women dressed like this doesn’t remind us of any good thoughts does it ?

  5. basically the moral of this story is that marzouq likes skin on bones :|

  6. “Juicy” is too small a word for similar clothing in Kuwait.
    I can’t think of a long word that means the same thing, so that it has a fighting chance of spreading across the average FAT ass! But give me time… it’s simply too early in the morning.

  7. ok… I just looked up synonyms in Word for “juicy”. One of them is “thirst-quenching” – that might work on larger ass-sizes.

  8. Cyber: Well Im the other type then! hehehe

    Jacqui: Im neither, Im just stating something as matter of fact! hehehe

    MAZE: Maybe! hehehe
    Amo0ora: I agree with you! But its funny seeing girls who wear this just to run errans!

    Aleeh: It doesnt remind us of any bad thoughts either, your just enjoying the gifts of fashion really nothing more and nothing less.

    Laialy: loooool!

    Extinct Dodo: I dont like bones at all, I like a little meat to my taste, Im just saying I like their tracksuits on girls!

    moocherx: some larger ass sizes are perfect in these tracksuits. Its fantastic seriously, Im not one for bones, they should have the riht package to fill up the tracksuit right!

    How did I know this post will cause waves! hehehe

  9. aleeh

    common marzouq,seriously this is all good to say appreciation fashion but i know what most of the guys would be thinking in their head.

    The reason it causes waves is a lot of us haven’t seen something like this before.

  10. god bless those curves :P i too love it when girls wear that stuff.

  11. SOS

    lol! u pervs..! dun u think it should in the front than rear?

  12. Although Juicy is a major turn-on, I despise women who wear it in malls. :/

  13. aleeh: its really about seeing and appreciating something nice, and its true a lot of guys may get ideas, but its also for the simple appreciation of something nice! :) Its fantastic seeing a women with a right curves, but the problem here is that we have hayenas that just attack.. when it should be look (not stare) but dont touch sort of thing!

    Fonzy: I am with you 100%

    SOS: Ur the perv want the front! The back is what I think is nice, the front just wont do it at all, and the back is the understated way of grabing attention to that area!

  14. I have a Juicy tshirt with their logo around my boobs its so funny the stares I get while wearing it *giggle*

  15. aleeh

    anayeh,If something happens to you then you should attribute some of the blame on the juicy shirt you have.

  16. aleeh

    i rather don’t endorse this dress for any women related to my family and i am sure you would not too. Its a lot better if they don’t become a source of attention that is why you are required to dress modestly and that under no way falls under the category of modesty.

  17. ananyah: looool! No wonder people couldnt work!

    aleeh: thats the kind of thinking that I think is wrong, why should something you wear define if something bad happens to you its your fault. Im sorry every person is responsible for their own actions, jewlery is on display in lots of places, but nobody goes and steals them outright even though there is little to no security in Kuwait and the police wont react even quick enough to stop it or catch you. Secondly regarding modesty, I dont think that these tracksuits are a flashy in the first place especially for what they are intended for such as work outs or easy clothing. There are certain places you dont wear in Kuwait which I understand the reasoning because it will attract the attention of the riffraff who have no manners in the first place and would harras any woman who does pass by. Aleeh its a two way thing, the clothing in our society does define to a certain degree, but at the same time I think that this is no way close to being unacceptable. Wearing a tank top in Kuwait asking for a problem, and I have seen women who do that and I dont condone that in Kuwait, but when outisde of Kuwait I could care less and I dont even care because it is the norm.

  18. MAZE: lol

    MacaholiQ8: I dont despise anyone for anything that doesnt affect me really.. I get annoyed with a few things, but not despising them.. thats harsh!

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