I want Optimus


The 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime! This just fantastic I want to get my on this Optimus, there is an all metal version that came out a while back that I would like to get my hands on but I will still pruchase this Optimus! Its going to be making history this coming summer! Thanks Mark for giving me the link, its just one of the things that I NEED to purchase!

link: Amazon

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  1. Make sure you get a nice glass box to display it in or nice shelves with proper lighting. Then invite us over for Pepsi to view the opining of your toy gallery :p

  2. on Amazon.co.uk there’s a special deal where you get Megatron and Optimus Prime together for a discount. You really need to get both so you can spend your evenings re-enacting famous Transformers battles.

  3. Laialy: There are some pretty cool comic/toy gallerys that I have seen before its all nostalgic, but some are just real damn cool. I’ve always wanted to open a gallery of some sort, but doing something of that nature is too expensive in Kuwait to find a nice area.

    moocherx: Could you provide the link? I couldnt find it! If I had both they would just be sitting on a mantle! hehehe

  4. oh… but I notice the Amazon.co.uk figures look like they’re from the new movie – not the classic show. Sorry about that!

  5. i always loved optimus but i think the toy megatron and galvatron are way more funky! :) i have galvatron!

  6. moocherx: I still might grab that! They look cool as hell!

    Fonzy: Galvatron was cool as hell too! Optimus is the king! Seriously! Gotta love him!

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