AC Shnitzer BMW E-92 3 Series

AC Shnitzer did an interesting number on the new 3 series. I think its pretty cool, I dont like the black rims, I prefer the silver rims with touchs of black. AC Shnitzer usually comes out with some interesting touches to BMWs and give them a more aggressive look, and I think that is pretty nice with the silver rims, and I think that they have done a good job with the 3 series, even the older models were really nice.








Link: SeriousWheels

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  1. Ive always been a fan of AC Schnitzer, i had the first 745Li back in 2002 with the kit and it always caused a stir. They make excellent accessories for the BMW. If your considering it go ahead :)

  2. Spicy: I remember when it first came out! It made a splash to say the least! Im not really considering it, I just thought they did a good job with this one, I prefer Hamman amd Dinan over AC Shnitzer sometimes. It just depends which kit your looking at!

  3. Cute UAE

    Man! I saw on the road the metallic black body with red leather interiors! Man! That gave it such a rough masculine look! Just like MARS chocolate!
    BMW’s is my style!

  4. silver rims would have looked better but those black ones are incredible! amazing car, the body is amazing

  5. Frankom: I like the Hamman pieces for a lot of cars!

    Cute UAE: long time no see! hehehe! I like the combination of black and red for sports cars so Im with you on that! I like Beemers too.

    Fonzy: hehehe! I think they did a great job overall with the body not oo extreme, and the rims is just a matter of taste the black isnt bad but I prefer the silver!

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