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Quick Nap


I came back from work for the first time before 7pm this week and I was happy about that, but I was still running around the house since there is work and fixing being done around the house so I was walking around and checking out all the work done. So I was trying to get a lot of things done at home since I was home early. I was going through the home bills, and all the other stuff I wanted to check. And then I remembered I was hungry, so I ate a late lunch. Then I was around the house going through the checklist.

I laid down on my bed for a bit to go through a few documents for work, then I passed out with laptop tilted to the right. I woke up an hour and 15 mins later around 8:25pm, and damn that hit the spot. It was great. And now I might test riding a bike that Im looking forward to, so thats going to be an interesting development. I will keep you posted.