Art of Negotiation


That is something on its own that you have to Master. Dealing with customers and vendors back and forth all the time has taught me to get better and better at it. The problem is that there were a few bumps in the road that I wish I could have avoided, its one hell of steep learning curve. Slowly getting their and learning form everything is key.

The other I was in a heated meeting which great since it was back and forth over negotiations, and I was impressed with some people. It was experience that you cant gain from a book that I took to heart. Its kind of like memorizing a manual. Its also about the negotiation room you have, but the tactics were fantastic and the customer got cornered since he was given what he was asking for, so he was asked to commit. It was a difficult situation, and I have to say I learned a lot in that hour.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. oh and yeah that was off topic !!

    you think!! DiiGMaa ishfeech bs 3aad ??

    ok sorry I’ll leave your site at peace now.. all that strawberry milk is getting to me..

  2. You learn something new everyday..

    Agool, if its okii to say, what do you work ?

  3. I like negotiations…and as u said u learn pretty well from it..

  4. marz…sorry to put it here….coz if I email you, you wont respond fast :O ….LOL

    heyy, can you download a big file from and let the speed stabilize and send me a screen shot(via email) of that? I just want to make sure is not limiting the download speed to sub 50 K….I had an argument with someone and he says it doesnt matter even if we have a 2 MB connection, we wont be able to download it faster…that seems stupid and I want to prove him that he is wrong…

    I have 256 only at home so, cannot go above 32 K….so that wont help….

    sorry to bother…

  5. DiiGMaa: Inshalla you will feel better! Ur more then welcome to do anything you want on the blog! hehehe! Inshalla bes you didnt get a brain freeze that hurts like crazy!

    Amo0ora: Seriously! Im a project Manager/problem solver, and Im working on a small startup!

    MAZE: Sometimes I feel like I got the shortend of the stick, bes its great to learn!

    Laialy: Everyone lacks it! But you gain quick being in a grind!

    Cyber: Dont worry about it! I will do that when I go home later in the day!

  6. I think theres a negotiations class coming up at the economic society you might be interested in. If I find more info I’ll let you know inshalla.

  7. 1001: That would be interesting, but nothing like seeing two contenders battle it out!

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