SuperDuke Meet Robo


I would like to thank Tristar for giving me the chance to try out the KTM SuperDuke since I really like this motorcycle, so I will be comparing the bikes for the different feel and just writing the feel of th bike not specification comparison. But Im happy as hell I get to ride this bike, and the addition looks oh so good. Its one hell of a temptation. Now this is service, they value there customers and know who is addicted to their products.

I just think that these two look like siblings next to each other an they are two different machines that arent comparable since they both have different applications on the road, and I adore my Robo, and SuperDuke would be a nice addition. I know he isnt to everyone’s taste, but I usually just go by my own taste and feel.







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  1. jewaira

    You’re going to get us hooked on bikes too!

  2. Jafar

    Way to go !
    One thing good about having a second bike is that the first one does not feel jealus ! Not the same with the ladies !Ride on!

  3. i got an sms today from them, they just got a new ducati 749 dark in stock :(

  4. Jewaira, he already did that !

    I dont know much about bikes, but from the look i think your Robo looks better ;p

  5. i like the front light on the ther bike, sorry robo :p

  6. jewaira: looool! I cant stop!

    Jafar: I will be getting a second bike, its only a matter of time. And thank you again.

    Mark: Stick to what you have and get used to it before changing up!

    Amo0ora: hehehe.. some people said the same.

    MAZE: hehehe! Thank you

    Laialy: no prob! I like people’s opinions!

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