Movies I want to See!


I really want to watch these movies but no in the theater in Kuwait since the cinema here seems to cut up the movie in there own accord! It drives me nuts! My cousin went to Dubai for business and all he is doing in the spare time is watching the movies in the theater and it is driving me nuts. He recommended just to go to Dubai for one day and watch all the movies there and come back. It seems like a worth while idea just to watch all the movies I want one go, but you would have to do it with the right person and have the timings to all the movies in the theaters to schedule things over the two days.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Go to Dubai just to want a movie??!!
    Anyway, you are right. No censoring there. Saw Casino Royale during my Gitex trip – wooooww. Pretty hot scenes. Nothing was censored as far as I could see.

  2. even though there were 21 cut scenes in Casino Royale, trust me it didnt affect the movie, it was still amazing. totally worth going to see it. go see it yallah oo bala dala3 :P

  3. Eddy

    go watch the movie- the guardian….saw it yesterday…excellent film….barely any cuts….the only thing they cut out was the kissing scenes…thats it…

  4. I want to see Babel and The Good Shepherd and Borat.

  5. All your links point to the same thing :/

  6. Loca in Kuwait


    If you need a traveling buddy let me know because I am game for a trip to Dubai just for movies, I love movie theaters! But I have to say that I have some movie “rules”.
    1. Minimal talking
    2. I have to have snacks, no negotiations.
    3. We must discuss the film afterwards, I know you just saw the same things as me, but I need your thoughts on the movie.
    4. If there is more then 1 good movie playing, you have to be willing to see both, don’t wimp out on me.
    Also if we are there I want to try a good resturant, so just name the date and I will be ready.

  7. cajie: Man I need to just to keep my sanity! I love movies and it drives me nuts when they cut them!!!!

    extinct dodo: I love ishloon bala dala3! Im paying good money to watching a movie, not a butchered version! hehehe

    Eddy: hmmmm.. I think I might see it then, if it isnt affecting the story!

    Jacqui: Borat I can watch at home, but the rest in the theater! hehehe

    3baid: fixed them when you commented! Thank you!

    Loca in Kuwait: loooool! U gotta a lot of rules.. I could watch a ton of movies! I do talk a bit about the movie during the movie if I get caught up! So you have to bare with me! Good restaurants are always on the list!

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