You, Me, and Dupree


This was an entertaining movie, and I had a bit low expectations for it. It was a bit of conflict for me, I like Kate Hudson, but Im not much of a fan of Owen Wilson or Matt Dillon. But it turned out to be better then I expected, and my Michael Douglas added just enough flavor in this movie to make it funny. It was about a new couple trying to get things right in the beginning and Owen (the best man) trying to get his life together. Its a funny rollercoaster and how married lives could vary. Overall its an entertaining movie and worthwhile to watch.

Link: IMDB
Rating: r31.bmp

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Owen Wilson! we3 we3 we3
    mos def i will not be watching this movie

  2. Shooftik ib Marina ilyom! .. I suggest you check out Kaif Al-7al, its a saudi movie and actually quite good. I am not one for arabic movies; but this one is great.

  3. i really liked the movie too
    oo i hate owen wilson, the way he looks, the way he talks, bes u gotta admit, bada3 in this movie :P

  4. I tried to remove my brain with a spoon while watching this movie, just so I didn’t have to watch any more of it ;-) Owen Wilson is EXCELLENT at playing Owen Wilson… in every damn movie he’s in.
    I watched “Hostel” this weekend – totally gruesome.

  5. Laialy: I know what you mean! hehehehe

    K: loool! Good catch! I will catch Kaif Al-7al!

    Amo0ora: He is a bit annoying with his nose and everything!

    Yazeed: yeah bada3 in this movie your right!

    moocherx: looooool! Damn you reached a point of no return! Damn with spoon now thats painful!

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