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Friday Duking


I woke up to Mark‘s phone call regarding his gas tank, and just giving him an idea how to fill up the bike. I got up a little bit after that, showered and got on my bike. But I really took my time and by the time I got down Mark already reached home. When I started up the Duke the roads looked wet so it must have rained in the morning. So when I asked they told it did. So I got my gear together and I was looking forward to a little wet riding.

I got on the Duke and headed down the Gulf Road starting from Miseela, and it felt like a fantastic spunky bike. And it was looking a bit cloudy so I wasn’t going to be long on the bike. I love how the cool wind was hitting me, and it the rush I was getting. I headed over towards Marina mall around 11:30am to stop for quick hot drink to help warm me up. Marina was packed with people and for the first time I saw that motorcycle parking spots were almost full and I filled the last spot. For the first time I saw many BMW motorcycles of the same model, and Robo’s long lost brother. The parking lot was filled and it was 65% Harley Davidsons, 30% BMWs, and 5% KTM (me).


I decided to walk over to starbucks for a hot chocolate to warm me up a bit. And after finishing up my hot chocolate I went back to the Duke to continue my adventure for the day. It seemed that KtheKuwaiti spotted me, but I only found that out when I was on the blog later in the day.

As I was riding back it started drizzling a little bit and I thought it would be perfect to test the bike and its tires. Riding in the rain teaches you a few things, I could feel the rain drops hitting my legs, and I could see the rain on my screen its funny. Your getting wet slowly yet you dont feel wet. Its a fantastic feeling riding in the rain, and Im used to it from riding in San Francisco. It was funny seeing people’s faces that a guy on a motorcycle is riding in the rain. Im afraid of the rain in Kuwait during the beginning but not when the road is already wet, but I still very causious with my riding and not taking any chances. But overall it was a fantastic day.