Lamborghini Police


I know there are those who have posted about this previously, but my brother emailed me the youtube video of this thing doing a little action. It would pretty insane if they had this in Kuwait. I think the Kuwaiti police would destroy it within one week if they get their hands on it. I think if they damaged it they would have to pay 60’000 KD for it after destroying it.

Link: Youtube

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Eddy

    lol…it wouldnt be of any use…with all the traffic…

  2. this car makes me go crazy ! its sooo HOT !

    one word: SEXY !!

  3. “but my brother emailed me the youtube video”

    umm… I included that video on my blog did you not see it? :/

  4. One week? Man, hand it to them low police ranks “a.k.a. 3agad” and kill me if it lasts three minutes! lol … Honestly I prefer [THIS] ;)

  5. Loca in Kuwait

    Hmmm I think the police will forget about fighting crime, and just cruissssssse. If you think they are not around enough now, you better not get into trouble anywhere south of Love street. :p I wonder where I can get my application to be a police to drive one of these…

  6. hehe if that happens then i would get myself arrested all the time to ride in it :)

  7. Eddy: Seriously, it would only be out in the night! hehehe

    Amo0ora: Its cool looking, but I dont like non-usable cars.. meaning you cant drive everyday without damaging it! hehehe

    3baid: sorry! I said I know somebody posted about it but not sure who! hehehe

    MacaholiQ8: oohhh.. interesting prosche! Now that would catch-up with anything! Like you said they would destroy it!

    Loca: loooooool!

    Fonzy: loooool! The thing is you wouldnt be able to ride it, it has no secured area.. you would have to wait for the cruisers to come pick you and watch it drive away!

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