MTC Issues


Is anyone else having problems with MTC these days?

  • I have been suffering from a lot of dropped calls.
  • My text messages would hang on my phone as if some wall is blocking them so they wont go. At first I thought it was just my phone but the same thing was taking place on my friend’s phone it was very strange.
  • Trying to call someone it always says network busy or hangs without really ringing. Again I thought I dropped my phone one to many times and it turns out that its happening to other people as well. I feel like Im trying to force my phone to call by pressing the send button multiple times.
  • Some people call me and say my cell phone was off even though it was on and next to me the whole time.

Something really strange is going on, and I dont what exactly MTC is messing about with in the background.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Bel`6ab6 hatha eli y9er feni hal ayam .. leh daraga gemt agool mobilee feh shay o baro7 abe3a .. :s

    o akthar men wa7ed ygoli g-hazik kella mo`3lag ..

  2. Both MTC and Wataniya are experiencing this, Dad and the rest of the family have Wataniya and only I have MTC but he was complaining saying that his phone sucks (E61) and that he gets alot of dropped calls and such I told him that it’s the same with me, at one point I would call someone and I would hear them but they wouldn’t hear me! Until they called back and this sucks ass :s

    They should fix this :/ And yes I get the Missed Call bit as well, phone is f unctioning and full signal strength but it shows up “Out of Coverage or Off”

  3. moocherx: I love your stamp! Im going to mimic it if you dont mind!

    onlyme: Through a few tries I knew it wasnt the phone, it was fine before and nothing really changed! So it must be the network!

    Jacqui: I wonder why both carriers are screwing up! Its annoying as hell that this is happening! I need stable service, what the hell are they messing with!

  4. If you have one of those new 3G phones, turn off the 3G from the settings menu, you will feel a difference when you do that.

  5. Its happening to my phone too…they’re doing an upgrade to the network…as for msgs just choose ur network to be manual then switch it off and on and you can send messages normally…but this really sucks!

  6. am having that problem too and im with wataniya

  7. Jewaira

    ALthough am not experiencing unusual problems, some readers comments are insightful

  8. Don Veto: I did that before, but this just acting up too much! i dont know why they cant sort out their problems in a timely manner or issue any warnings!

    MAZE: Im going to try that! Its just too damn annoying!

    Fonzy: hmmm… I wonder what they all are doing!

    Jewaira: yup, its good to see if anyone knows the real reasons behind some of these problems. Hopefully you wont be experiencing any of the problems.

  9. Dude !

    This is totally weird ! Well I sort of work as a consultant for MTC ( South) , so that’s basically Messila – Saudi border ( Fahaheel , Riqqa , Abu halifa blah blah blah ) . I’m pretty sure the stats show everything is stable in the network , beats me why you’re having this problem ( i.e; if you belong to this region ).

    Your first case with the sms thingy , tht’s happens once in a while only when there’s blocking ( congestion) in the network , normally seen only during peak hours .

    The second case , that’s what’s known as a blocked call – sometimes works with a switch off/on (system hang related) ; if it’s still there that’s again related to blocking / congestion ( peak hrs again)

    The third case : That’s totally phucked up :P . Have you tried complaining to 107 ?

    In no ways can i provide you with a solution to your problems , it’s just being a silent reader of this blog for an awefully long time , I felt it’s only right to punch in few lines when finally something came along in which I had some idea :). Will ask if any network upgrades are being done in the other region as far as south kuwait is concerned , I’m pretty sure there’s ZILCH :)

    P.S. Like someone suggested , try switching off the 3G when you dont need it from your phone options . it works most of the time :). 3G is just in the beginning stage here , so sticking on to 2G is a much better option !

  10. Ash: I appreciate your help very much and welcome to the blog! Happy to there are quite ones out there! Im just going to switch off the 3g! But I really do expect just normal availability from MTC, recently it has been very bad. Im in Mishref so close to your control location! I wish that MTC would get its stuff together with whatever they hell they are doing, they should put in upgrades to handle issues such as peak time and heavy usage!

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