Weekend Recap


I was thinking about writing the meeting minutes of these three days which made me laugh

  • I got to ride a lot, and ride two different bikes
  • I saw my friends on wednesday, watched a movie, and had some good food
  • Went to work on thursday on the bike
  • I saw my nephew
  • I had lunch at my brothers pad
  • I rode a lot
  • I rode in the rain
  • I caught up with some sleep
  • I watch a good amount of anime
  • I played gears of war
  • I bought some dishdasha cloths to wear for winter

I think this was a fun filled weekend, I just wished I had a two day weekend instead of one. I also didnt have a chance to catch up with my cousin since he had to travel so no tv episodes this week, but mid this week we are going to catch up!

I tried organizing my music files myself instead of trying that music program but no luck since I really messed things up and I couldnt come up with a way that I could catalouge them and find things easily so I stopped. I think I should figure out a plan before starting, that would have helped a lot.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. hey there
    i had a packed weekend my self.
    i watched today the last ep. of prison break s.2
    it was amazzzing!! the highlight of my day :p
    cant wait!! i really cant.

  2. ahh its good you had a fun weekend..
    it makes me feel happy when i know someone had a fun time..

    anyways inshalla do0om.. Keep on riding ;)

  3. When & where did it rain? I always miss it :(

  4. Loca in Kuwait


    WOW! Nice weekend, seems very relaxing and had a right mix of down time and socializing. I too had a busy weekend,I finally went to the Christmas Bazaar and found some cute gifts, Santa must have GPS because he found his way here. :p Hmmm do we live in the same Kuwait, because I didn’t see any rain, do you have a special rain gadgetmathingy that sprinkles on you when you ride? I would like to please make a request for one, please make mine with sunshine and rain.

  5. Don’t ride in the rain in Kuwait its too DANGEROUS! Hell I dont even like
    driving my car when it’s raining in Kuwait.

  6. Driving in the rain is fun! As long as you know how to control your car and stay away from other cars.

  7. no3ik: Do you mean season 1.5? Cuz season 2 just started and its damn good as you said! Im saving up all the episodes of season two and watching one go!

    Amo0ora: thank you very much! Your a great person for thinking that way!

    mooxcherx: 12:30pm -1:30pm on friday! Thats when I got caught in the rain!

    Loca in Kuwait: I love sunshine with rain its extremely fun! It seems that it only rained in parts of Kuwait, not everyone got rain for some reaosn!

    1001: I know what you mean, it was early on friday so it was relatively okay, usually I avoid it.

    K: exactly, its the same for bikes. Control and staying away from cars!

  8. jane

    “I bought some dishdasha cloths”

    nice badliya

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