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Weekend Recap


I was thinking about writing the meeting minutes of these three days which made me laugh

  • I got to ride a lot, and ride two different bikes
  • I saw my friends on wednesday, watched a movie, and had some good food
  • Went to work on thursday on the bike
  • I saw my nephew
  • I had lunch at my brothers pad
  • I rode a lot
  • I rode in the rain
  • I caught up with some sleep
  • I watch a good amount of anime
  • I played gears of war
  • I bought some dishdasha cloths to wear for winter

I think this was a fun filled weekend, I just wished I had a two day weekend instead of one. I also didnt have a chance to catch up with my cousin since he had to travel so no tv episodes this week, but mid this week we are going to catch up!

I tried organizing my music files myself instead of trying that music program but no luck since I really messed things up and I couldnt come up with a way that I could catalouge them and find things easily so I stopped. I think I should figure out a plan before starting, that would have helped a lot.