Should I do this people? I would like your opinion on this.

A friend of mine has asked me to be on the cover of his auto advertisement magazine. Its a highquality magazine which is free and filled with car ads. He wants to take pictures of me riding down the highway of Kuwait and doing a little tweaking to put it on the cover. I told him I would think about it.

What do you guys think? I will let you know what magazine when or if it happens!

Me and Robo riding on the cover! hmmmm..

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. rayboy: You are correct!

    moocherx: Like I said full gear! I dont think you could get a chick riding on a bike wearing a bikini in Kuwait.

    So one vote yes..

  2. Yeah – Marzouq… it would be a cool thing.. they magazine , is really popular… i heard they are going to distribute it across middle east now…

  3. aleeh

    You should have said yes right away rather than telling him that u will think about it .That is one way of getting urself famous.

  4. Rayboy: Cool.. thats another yes vote. Im not sure about the distrubtion, but I might be on other issues with the full gear on as well! The man incognito! hehehehe

    Yes 2
    No 0

  5. I say DO IT akeeeeeeeed !

    i mean its a nice experience 0o your not gonna show anyways, your in full gear, you’ll be the mysterious rider ;)

    “You only live life once so live it, and dont hold back anything”
    I think you said that..

    go fot it !

  6. YES YES YES YES, i want a personal copy of that magazing with you and robo… heck ill even frame it ROFL :P

  7. Loca in Kuwait


    Do it, maybe this will lead to more opportunities for you to show off your skills and show bike safety. And it would be really fun too, the most important thing.

  8. i had a chat with the owner last week, i had told him to write some articles ,, so Marzouq.. you could also write about bike safety tips , bike reviewss etc… it could be a cool thing.

  9. Loca in Kuwait

    I second ED, I want a signed copy from you and Robo.

  10. oooooh.. signed copies… :-p pricey!!!!

  11. Votes:
    Yes 5
    No 0
    Signed copies: 3

    Amo0orra: It seems this is a one way tide! hehehe!

    Extinct Dodo: Framed! I like that! hehehe

    Loca: I would have a ton of fun doing it. And I think they would take a ton of pics! Im no model, but I know Im good on the bike! hehehe

    Rayboy: I would think about the article writing thing, but I prefer writing on my blog.

  12. dimplez

    yessssss o enta m’3mth!!!!

    As it was mentioned earlier, it’s an opportunity to show off ur
    ” unique bike 7arakat” :)… besides there is no reason to say no really

    good luck cover boy!!

  13. sure go ahead and do it… this will ope the door for you to get more pictures on the cover page of other magazines…

    again yes do it…. :)

  14. Mo Hat

    Do it man! And show your face, don’t do a Mark on us.

  15. I’d like a signed copy as well with a personal center fold of course :P Hehehe and I say yes yes yes yes!

    Hell I’d seriously have it signed from you LOL!

    And a personal autographed picture for Ananyah hehehe of your tush :P LOL That way we’ll all be happy don’t you think? :P

  16. Eddy

    yes…….so judging by the votes…looks like ur going to do it :)….

  17. yah do ittttttttt

    I have a list of demands:

    + I want the first magazine copy since I’m ur favourite buddy :P

    + I want it signed

    + You should wear a thong on robo bending over and it can be the center fold for jackie :P she’s down like that! I’ll provide the male thong 4 u

  18. Yes, go for it. Don’t know what else to say but wanted to add some votes :P

  19. LOL @ ananyah !!

    since everyones saying it, i want a SIGNED copy too..

    wanasaah were VIP !

  20. I think it’s a nice opportunity, but I (Me) always think twice about things that involve being in the public eye. Ultimately, it’s your decision and how comfortable you are with your picture being on the cover of a magazine :p

  21. PS. If you do it, think about the penguins “cute and cuddly”

  22. The Faisal

    since ur going to be in full gear (wearing a helmet) nothing is gonna show. u should do it without thinking.. jsut for the fun of it..

    you’ll be like ‘The Stig’ from Top Gear

  23. go for it man. u got nothing to lose. it shud be fun!

  24. Votes:
    Yes 15
    No 0
    Maybe 1
    Signed 6

    Dimplez: yes, hehehe Coverboy!

    engineeroo: I was thinking that one thing would lead to another.
    Mo Hat: Sorry the face will be hidden completely. Im pulling a Mark.
    Jacqui: Center Spread.. I dont think so!
    Eddy: it seems like a wave! hehe
    Ananyah: I will send you the first one I get signed thats all you get.. the third part I would shoot you for it.
    Elijah: hehehe
    Amo0ora: ananyah is a little nuts.. she only gets access to the internet one hour a day..
    Laialy: Very reasonable, but Im wearing full gear and not even my face shows.
    The Faisal: Thats funny, Im going to be The Stig of Kuwait! hehehe
    Fonzy: It would probably be fun.. But lets see if they can catch up with me!

  25. why not? yes do it… and i’d like a signed copy too.. i’ll put it right next to my Montana memorabilia ;)

  26. Votes:
    Yes 16
    No 0
    Maybe 1
    Signed 7

    MSB: That would be one hell of an honor to be next to Montana! :D

  27. if its the magazine i think it is, as long as they don’t price your bike i think it should be fun

  28. Votes:
    Yes 17
    No 0
    Maybe 1
    Signed 7

    Mark: I would take you out with me if your wrist wasnt hurting and we didnt have to go out so far. Its probably going to be some spot on the highway towards the beachhouse areas early in the morning.

  29. Yes, go for it. I want a signed copy too lol :)

  30. Votes:
    Yes 18
    No 0
    Maybe 1
    Signed 8

    Pearls: hehehe!

    Rayboy: I called last night and said Im doing it!

  31. Since you have zero NO’s i am going to vote NO for the heck of it….LOL

    go for it mate…

  32. Oh soo coool………

    i had a chat with the owner ,, he didnt know you had a blog …. he said he will visit here….

  33. Votes:
    Yes 19
    No 1
    Maybe 1
    Signed 8

    Cyber: U just had to say it didnt you!

    Rayboy: I dont think a lot of people know I have blog! Some people know, and some just stumble upon it.

  34. dont count my NO! puleeeeeeeeeeeeeezeee mate…I want you to write….coz u r my chum.

  35. Cyber: I just had to count your vote for yes and no! hehehe! I had to cuz your my chum! hehehe

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