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Review: iAudio U3


Im the type of person to really beat the crap out of something before giving it my seal of approval. And this DAP has my seal of approval. Im really picky about mp3 players since I totally dislike using MP3 players that force me to use their software to put music on their mp3 player. I dont mind a piece of software that helps format certain things to play on it, but not to be forced to use it. This DAP (Digital Audio Player) fits the bill.


  • It plays MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV (including 48KHZ Stereo), FLAC, and OGG
  • There is 20 hour battery built into the mp3 player and it reaches that much even after 6 months of use
  • Its small and compact
  • Just the right amount of controls with easy accessibility
  • Built-in FM Tuner
  • Durable (Dropped it a lot and works as if new)
  • It supports both UMS and MTP mode (which means I plug it directly to my PC and it appears as a hard drive, thats the best feature)
  • Extremely light weight and small
  • High quality screen which is very bright
  • The Sound quality is supperb
  • Charges through USB


  • I wish there were more accessories for it
  • The max size is 2GB when I wish it was 4GB or 8GB

Link: iAudio
Link: Amazon