Stomach Flu


The flu has been going around and I see people all stuffy and grumpy around work and other places. I have caught anything yet, but I spoke too soon. The past week has caused my stomach to be unstable and sudden surges of pain. This is annoyinng as hell, since Im not eating much lately and these pains come and go. Its annoying me because its stopping me from what Im doing at the time.

Its been a week, and it has gotten better but its still acting up sometimes. Im trying to ignore it and not medicate it just letting it run its course but damn its annoying!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Try those Activa “live” yogurts (I think they also do a laban version) with the nice bacteria in. It means that if your stomach is f*cked up with a virus, at least your digestive system can replenish the good bacteria more quickly.

  2. Loca in Kuwait


    Hope you feel better, the tummy is a part of the body that when it feels sick will let you know. I checked yogurt is a good thing with active cultures. I also saw eat dried figs, fresh pineapple, and dried or fresh papaya because they have enzymes that help in digestion. Also Peppermint candy or tea helps settle an upset stomach. I once had a sever case of food poisoning and the Doc said that it was better to just let the body heal it’s self than have medicine that would prolong the illness. Hehe maybe you have butterflys from the thought of your upcoming photo shoot Fabio.

  3. ya just let it be, its better not to take medication..

    if you always take medication your body will start to rely on it and it wont ‘heal itself’..

  4. moocherx: Thats what I am doing right now! Thanks!

    Loca: looooooooooooooooool! Im no Fabio.. Im more like the Grunt from Sin City! hehehe!

    Amo0ora: I know.. Im letting it take its course! Healing taking place now!

    Laialy: Mashkoora! Wa7id yad3y lil su7a! :)

  5. i think am getting some flu too. but am taking medication before it kicks in. i suggest u dont let it take its course and u take some medicine and end it before it gets worse.


  6. Fonzy: alah esalmik! Im just letting it go its course!

  7. drew

    Marzouq: hey I cold not find it sorry. can you write me if you lost my email it is [email protected]

  8. drew: its blog(a) I dont know how you didnt find it! Just click What? at the top!

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