Theater Whistle Blower


This is the funniest concept I have ever heard. I wonder what would happen in Kuwait!

One of the big cinema companies in the US are giving remotes to “frequent customers” to alert the managers of certain things in the theater.

There are four buttons on the remote which alerts the manager directly:

  • A disruption in the audience
  • Faulty Projection
  • Adjust room temperature
  • For anything else

First off this is assuming the person they give it to is somewhat sane, and secondly that nobody finds out this person has it or else he would be crucified. And if somebody gets kicked out because of that tattler then they would be waiting outside for them to have a nice conversation.

Link: Engadget

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. aleeh

    I remember those days when frustrated guys used to use laser at the screen when there was a romantic scene and somebody would come out with their torch trying to find out who that person was.

  2. LOOOL

    if it happened here, the people would drive them crazy !

  3. Loca in Kuwait


    This remote is similar to Adam Sandlers in Click,but just of the Cinema world. I want one, really call me a rat who snitches but I would sing like a bird on any hooligans who want to act up. Hmmm seems like you would be one I would have to snitch on, maybe if you share your candy with me I won’t. :p But it’s really rude what some kids and even adults do in the movies, respect others who paid to see a movie they may have waited to see for a long time. Watch a DVD at home if you can’t control yourself, sorry didn’t mean to rant and rave.

  4. The remote would be too big with so many buttons if it was designed for cinemas in Kuwait.

  5. Amo0ora: I dont think they would live through it! hehehe

    aleeh: I HATED those guys! I wanted to beat the crap out of them for being useless!!!!

    Loca: loooooooooooooool! No problem I understand how you feel one time I almost beat the hell out of somebody and it was pissing me off! Why the hell have a conversation during the movie..

    Moocherx: they would need to have at least 4 people per theater and a big “Anything Else” button! hehehe

  6. i guess i can’t take my banak to the movies anymore :P (JK)

  7. Laialy: looooooooooooool! I havent seen banak in years!

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