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Denon D-F103HRDAB


This is one stereo filled to the brim. Its got everything in it, a built in HD, internet playback, wireless capability (optional), rips CDs directly to its internal HD, internet Radio capability, DAB radio functionality, CDDB Gracenote support. It also plays MP3s, WMAs, and AAC, and it has the ability to play off a flash drive, and Ipod connectivity.

Basically it can do everything you want it to do plus drive your car for you! And the price tag will make you fly!

Price: $1950 (With the Speakers), $1700 (without the speakers)

I really like Denon products since they put a lot of features into their products, and you dont feel like its just fluffed up electronics for the sake of just selling, they make what they would be happy to own.

Link: Engadget