Phone + Secretary


There is one secretary who I pass by at least 20 times a day depending on how meetings I have or who Im trying to find to track down information. I have yet to see her once not on the phone, its not that she isnt working (she is but not much) its just that her head is stuck to the phone all the time. We have multiple lines in the company to make phone calls but a few times all our lines are busy. Sometimes she manages to jumble up all the lines, but the last couple of days she had to go to do something, Im not sure what but everytime I try to call someone from the landline I think it would be busy, but no that isnt the case. I have gotten a line everytime, so the one conclusion I came to is that she somehow manages to hog a lot of lines and puts people on hold without transfering. She probably wont be staying long if she keeps up this pace, but only time will tell.

And if we had phones like the Avvaya phone above I dont think I wouldnt be able to make a phone call since I wouldnt know how to call someone or take a line.

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  1. Aleeh

    yah ,had a similar sort of experience at my last job where one of the employees from the other department used to chit chat for quite some time and was always a nuisance for me.

  2. LoooooL
    this is how i picture her: full makeup, 1 gallon of perfume, e7jaab bo 6aggah, and gum in her mouth

  3. Laialy: you got everything right except for the 7ijaab! hehehe

    Aleeh: hehehe… I just ask her to do a lot of random things.

  4. Does she have a matching set of pink stuff on her desk. Anyway, our secretary is just as bad, she even has a goldfish!

  5. I have the same situation at work with the phone lines running out. I used to have my direct line but when I was gone on vacation they asked the department’s secretary if I need it and she said no I don’t think she uses it much SO THEY TOOK IT AWAY FROM ME WHILE I WAS GONE! I tried to get it back but it didn’t work out. Now I have to use the company line and just settle with having my own extension…I don’t feel special anymore.

  6. K: A gold fish thats nuts! And she doesnt have a pink set because she has to keep it clean and professional.

    1001: Having a direct line makes a world of difference! I dont know why the secretary did that, she is probably an annoyed with them asking her! You should do something to get her back! hehehe

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