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Workout 041206


Yesterday I really wanted to hit the gym and push myself, because I just felt like I had some bundled up energy or rage in me. I wasnt angry or anything like that, its just that I felt getting a lot out the gym.

I changed at home and went straight to the gym, and I pass by Arjan Complex around 6:45pm and it wasn’t close to as full as usual, but it had some people. The gym Salsa class was packed with people, but the gym itself only had about 7 people in it. I walked in and went straight for the elyptical and my goal was to get 30 mins on the elyptical which is 5 mins more then last week.

When I got on the elyptical, a girl got on the elyptical to my left and she was going at it with a vengence! I thought she was probably going to fly out the window at that pace! I would probably have cardiac arrest going the way she was going. So I kept my pace at what I usually do and so my BPM were between 154 to 164. The first 2 mins I was feelign tired but after 5 mins I felt that I could keep going and going. It was great, and I was watching some tennis match between Argentina and Russia, that Russia won. I know nothing about tennis except for the gameboy days. After that game I was watching a soccer game in Spain which was fantastic, since everytime a guy was running I would start going faster! It was funny as hell!

After finishing up with that I went straight to the benchpress and I got things going. I started off with the medium weights and went to heavier, usually I start with light but today I just felt like pushing myself. And damn it felt good. I did my rounds aroung the other workout machines and I have to say that I am very pleased with myself. I know I am stronger then when I started 4 weeks ago now. And I just check the scales which showed that I have lost 3 Kgs. The most important part for me is building up my endurance and strength, losing weight is also on the list.

As I was leaving at 8:35pm I saw that Arjan Complex was packed with people, it seems its the new in place in Kuwait. I just went home after that, and then I went to Hawally to complete my PC transplant.