LG OLED Laptop


This is one slick looking laptop, and it has a different type of technology for the screen. Its an OLED which stands for organic light-emitting diodes, and it doesnt need a bezel (frame) around it like an LCD, and consumes less electricity. Im just really happy that this tech is getting put into laptops since the screen technology hasn’t changed much in comparison to CPUs or Graphic Cards. I wish they had powerful laptops with this type of setup, and it would interesting to see how the battery life changes with this type of screen.

Link: Engadget

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  1. Vern

    do you know when this technology is actually going to be released? I read about the OLED technology over 3 years back talking about how its cheaper, easier to manufacture, thiner, and overall better than the LCD, yet there hasn’t been much about it lately until this. What do you know and think about it?

  2. Vern: I heard the LG is going to release the OLED laptops in Q2 or Q3 of 2007. That is what I know of at this point, some are reaching production design. Its going to be really cool once they get into the full swing of it, I think next year is going to be the introduction of OLED.

  3. Jimcub

    IBM is undergoing a high-end laptop using OLED too, it is expected to be released into market in later Q3/ early Q4 2007.

  4. Jimcub: Im curios to see what price they reach with it, but they can only use small size OLEDs, they look really good though!

  5. It is not going happen soon price cheaper compare to LCD betwen OLED, 1st I found SONY OLED TV on Ebay sale comes for $2000 is not even to hi-res display support such SVGA or to 1080P is still under devolping, the price drops sould be nearly to 2008-2009 not later, LCD is still winer of power conputation of power voltage past year today most used by White LED back-light compare to Compact Floorsect light. OLED preaty good of amount contrat ratio 1:1 000 000 but wont last for ever

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