Virgin in the Red


With the way Customs, MOC, and MOI are acting they are really constricting businesses in Kuwait. Its affecting us in a bad way, and I really think its affecting our normal day to day lives. They are making shipments difficult to get out of customs and stopping items that have no reason to be stopped. This seems to be causing more havoc to everyone then they expected.

From what I heard that Virgin has been in the red for a while now. They are loosing money each month, and their shelves dont have any dvds, books, or magazines. With the type of constrictions being enforced for no reason they are putting a businesses out of business. I know some people arent happy with Virgin, but I would rather have it here then not. But for months now Virgin hasn’t been making money and its a burden on Virgin of the Middle East.

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  1. ethaher they don’t have “was6a”
    where are the Penguins when you need them !!!

  2. It would be a shame if Virgin went out of business… it’s already a shame they stopped selling things that we expect from Virgin (worldwide). However… if they’d stopped their policy of over-pricing everything, they might have had a great deal more customer support. To survive in Kuwait these days, I think they’re going to have to become a clothes shop/cafe/restaurant

  3. Laialy: I thought they had was6a but it seems they are lacking it as well. And everyone needs penguins!

    moocherx: Your right, if they stopped over pricing then they would have more customer support. Secondly they should have opened a cafe on the second floor which views the gulf road. I know there is an Armani Cafe that I love in SF and its just a nice stop over, they do well with that kind of thing. But we shall see what will happen. This Virgin has fallen well beyond my world expectation of Virgin!

  4. aleeh

    Anyways again this is kuwait where you can expect all sort of craps.

  5. I am one of their top unhappy customers! I havent bought a CD in 2 months cos of this! I got more CDs at home than they got on their shelves!

  6. i heard all their stock was pulled off to the MOI for rechecking
    they are grilling the minster in the parliment and he doesn’t want anything they can hold on him ( and they say one of the PM said part of the grilling
    is about playstation games )

  7. I personally don’t care that they’re losing money. They really annoy me for not living up to the brand name. I have been met with a “we dont have it” way too many times and it’s made me think what the hell is the difference between you and any other record store? And the book section, which is the main reason I would go there, is so disorganised. Maybe if they called themselves another name then us customers wouldn’t have such high expectations and end up getting dissapointed. I don’t know but I really doubt that their problems are all due to government enforced constrictions.

  8. How come other businesses are offering the same thing at lower price points? :/

  9. I hope virgins closes .. there is no excuse for charging 530kd for a PS3 and 300kd for a Wii ..

  10. zoomzoom

    i hope too KtheKuwaiti

    there item is hell overpriced

  11. Meh, since day 1 Virgin wasn’t like Virgin of Dubai or Lebanon.. There were always delays with .. say Music CDs, DVDs, other stuff.. and it being in the “Red” isn’t much of a surprise, and yeah I went to Virgin today and it was funny to see the DVD shelves full of Kid movies and Animated crap! with the exception of Superman Returns.. anyway, I can almost see it closing after months of failure, they try to milk out money anyway possible, i mean the have a Sony corner less than 10 feet away from the Panasonic corner for god’s sake .. what kinda stupid marketing is that?

  12. Aleeh: true

    Fonzy: very true! I got more then them now! hehehe and I dont have that many CDs!

    Forzaq8: I know thats happening but why are they doing that. The population was going along fine without their interferance!

    1001: Some of their problems is resulting from the government constrictions, but the operations has been well and they have been extremely disorganized with the books I agree with you!

    3baid: very true!

    K: I dont want it to close since they have brought the game prices down and its good for competition.. And they will learn to price better if they want to move tiehr products.

    zoomzoom: it is overpriced but I want to keep the competition!

    Fhaid: I know their marketing is horrible, and they are trying to put crappy products on the shelve at this point but we shall see what will happen over the next coupel of months!

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