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Decaf Lite Traffic


Is it me or has traffic gotten lighter over the past two weeks. Are schools done already? Or are people just too lazy to go to work these days and I was the last one to find out. I have been finding it enjoyable to drive the past week and a half. I keep constantly moving and not too many people cutting me off. I have noticed this interesting thing, that girls who go to work in the morning and arent wearing a hijaab seem to drive pretty well. I mean they do push through traffic but they are doing it a tactful manner, but the girls who wear hijaab seem to drive as if all the cars are bumper cars and they dont see neither left or right. Is there any scientific significance to this I dont know, but there must be something. Maybe they use their sideview mirrors. Maybe!

But driving to and from home hasn’t been too bad and I get around to some places without hitting too much traffic the past two weeks and I do find that enjoyable.