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Is it me or has traffic gotten lighter over the past two weeks. Are schools done already? Or are people just too lazy to go to work these days and I was the last one to find out. I have been finding it enjoyable to drive the past week and a half. I keep constantly moving and not too many people cutting me off. I have noticed this interesting thing, that girls who go to work in the morning and arent wearing a hijaab seem to drive pretty well. I mean they do push through traffic but they are doing it a tactful manner, but the girls who wear hijaab seem to drive as if all the cars are bumper cars and they dont see neither left or right. Is there any scientific significance to this I dont know, but there must be something. Maybe they use their sideview mirrors. Maybe!

But driving to and from home hasn’t been too bad and I get around to some places without hitting too much traffic the past two weeks and I do find that enjoyable.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I’ve noticed the same thing about less traffic in the morning, mashalla Alla ytamim!

    As for the 7jab thing, and I think this might the the same for men who let their gitra down rather than throw the sides behind their ears, you cannot see sideways if you have material dropping on the side of your face. My hunch is that if the hjab is wrapped tightly around the face and the gitra is behind the ears your peripheral vision is really enahnced when a person driving. I nearly got into an accident because a man’s driving on my right kept coming onto my lane because I think he couldnt see me cuz of the blindspot in his side mirror and because his gitra was totally covering his profile.

  2. Yeah I guess Gravatar got it spot on. If the hijab or gitra blocks ur peripheral vision… you simply cannot drive safely.

    There’s another type of driver that pisses me off (and in my experience.. it is usually women.. no offense here..just my experience!). These are the kind who when joining a road, simply refuse to see if a car may be approaching and drive straight in. They seem to have the ostrich philosophy (if I can’t see it, it ain’t there) and perhaps think it is the responsibility of the guy/gal already on that lane to be careful. To hell with ‘right of way’. Believe it or not, sometimes I notice that they take extra effort to look the other way! Just so you know that you’re the one who’d better brake.

    And while we’re at it.. very few people in Kuwait seem to know how to drive on a round-about. The general approach seems to be that regardless of where you want to take your exit.. always join on the outer lane..and stick to it! The result: Choke points at practically every exit on the round-about.

  3. 1001: your right about men with their qitras down, but I have seen it more with the women who wear hijaab and they are so stiff during driving its scary how they will react. Next time anyone leans give them a nice honk, dont wait! hehehe

    Sabah: you mean 1001? Gravatar is whats supposed to comeout! hehehe! yeah I know what you mean, they dont look in either direction when entering a new road they just turn as if nothing is there and it drives me nuts as well. The thing about the round abouts is that everyone thinks they own the road and they dont let anyone pass. They just gun it without thinking. Its very annoying!

  4. I’ve noticed it too. There still some pockets of resitance. I think it is that end of year work. So people are at their offices more finishing stuff up and also the weather is cooler you arne’t racing home to get back to your AC.

    Also with nicer weather people aren’t moving around in their cars as much at night. They will go to the beach, tents, or coffee shop and just chill for the whole night.

  5. Instead of honking I ended up veering to the left lane so that he doesn’t hit me and I think that’s what made the guy driving behind me drive his car infront of me and make a very obscene finger related gesture. So rude. That latter guy not only went in front of me and stuck his finger out of his convertible but also slowed down to see where I was gonna be heading so that he’d continue his little imaginery fight with me. I of course, waited to see whether he’d turn or not and when he turned I went straight. Sorry, this could not be more irrelevant. But it does reflect the kind of drivers you might be faced with.

    Oh and that Gravatar thingi confuses me too!

  6. Loca in Kuwait


    I have noticed it, and love it. I think what Nibaq said is true, ppl have better things to with this great weather. I think once they put on the hijaabs and qitras that out of sight out of mind is what they think. Also I have heard of girls who wont look left or right because they dont want ppl to think that they are trying to flirt or look at boys.

  7. sabah: lol

    nibaq: yeah the nice weather has calmed things down a bit and people are taking it easy. or they really dont want to work! hehehehe

    1001: loooooool! The Gravatar thing confuses everyone! hehehehe! Its kind of funny! Yeah I know what you mean there are some nut cases around here an its annoying as hell.

    Amo0ora: loool! u like the crown victoria yellow cab tooo??!?!?!

  8. its just u man, traffic has been just as bad for me.

    as for the hijab issue, ur right, those with hijab drive like crap. i guess its cos they tie the hijab too tight that they cant turn their neck to check the mirrors. they simply put the signal, if that even happens, and change lanes and expect those behind them to make way

  9. Fonzy: yeah Im going to Shuweikh, not the financial district! I think they have the ostrich syndrome, what they dont see isnt there! hehehe

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