Homeautomation… Would You?


This is someting I see some people getting into these days. And to what extent are they going to delve into it. How far are you going to integrate electronics into your house basics. Are you building a home from scratch or working on your current house or a room in your house. Some people are automating their “Dewaneyas” or Cinema Rooms with light, A/C, and A/V controls. Do you just want to network your house so that you have connectivity everywhere, or do you want to automate certain things like lights and curtains.

With this type of situation people are either one way or another towards electronics. There are those who jump head first into knew tech and like to integrate it into their lives, and their are those who have a certain phobia from electronics period.

I have a few things I would do to keep things simple.

  • Manual controls to override any control loss to the home controller
  • I would integrate the Lighting system, A/C, and Curtain controls but only at interface level again there would be a way to override the controller.
  • I would have an internal and external camera system. Certain areas of the house wouldnt have camera for privacy’s sake
  • A/V would only be integrate to each room with their controllers.
  • Of course there are complex and simple interfaces, the ones on the wall are usually simple and the handheld ones are a bit more complex.
  • I would have to have Gigabit wiring throughout the house and an coporate standard router/switch to handle all the communication throughout the house. It would be standerdized as Voip internally with normal lines to external (maybe Voip for international, we shall see).

The funny part is this is all in my head and I went overboard with it, but if I was building a house I would integrate electronics into it. I know a lot of people who see it as a headache, but once you get it working right its fantastic.

Link: Engadget
Link: Pulse

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  1. Some home automation can really really go nuts.

    Personally what I think would be practical is the survailance system, status system to see if doors/windows are locked or not.

    In terms of a video system a simple home network with shared folders running VNC would be the easiest way to control everything.

    Then you can piggy back the phone system via VOIP.

    Looking at it now technically it isn’t that hard. Once you got wiring in place then some simple sensors you can easily do it for the fraction of the cost of the major companies.

  2. Nibaq: Your very right.. you can do it cheaper then most major companies, but people like me and you love DIY networking and configuring because at the end we learn more. With the major companies they can provide full solutions and are aware of a lot of obstacles they might face. But a practical system is very important!

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