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Hometheater Update


I have had my home theater setup for a year now and Im very happy with it. I only had two front speakers, one center speaker, and one subwoofer from Mirage. So it wasn’t a complete Dolby Digital Surround system yet since I didn’t have the rear speakers. I didn’t get them previously since I wasn’t sure of the seating arrangement and I thought it might be different at a later point, but after a year and keeping the same arrangement I decided to add the rear speakers.

So I got the Mirage HDT-R from the same range that my speakers are currently from, and they cost $1500.00 (without installation) from online audio shops. ETC did a really good job with the installation and they used high quality audio cables to connect them to my Onkyo receiver.

All together I paid 620KD including installation. I didn’t mind the price difference since I understand they pay shipping charges and other details, but their service is really good and they installed it the next day. It only took two hours to install even though I thought it would take a lot longer to do it since they had to move a lot of objects out of the way. Heavy and breakable objects, but they did it quickly and I’m happy customer because it sounds fantastic and a very clean installation.

I will be posting pictures when I get back home.

For testing purposes I played different scenes from three different movies: Gladiator, Hero, and Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.


Location: Shuweikh
Phone: 4825851

Link: Mirage
Link: Vanns Audio