Review: Jennifer Government


After reading Company I really liked Max Barry’s style and so I decided to get another book of his, and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. It is one great book, and an entertaining read. You get immersed into this book so much so that you think that your part of this other dimension, and you understand how he presents the state of world and how people lead normal lives. Consumerism is of the highest priority in this world, and the corporate world is just as powerful as the government, and its an intricate balance. Jennifer is one the main characters in this book but you get introduced to other characters who are also extremely important. What I love about his style is his ability to slowly take different parts and enticingly tie them together to make for a riveting story.

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  1. I might be wrong but isn’t there an online game with the same name?

  2. Loca in Kuwait


    I love reading, in fact I use to get in trouble in school because I would be reading when the teacher was talking. :) I have never heard of this author but will look him up because he seems like he can grab your attention, so much so that you forget the world around you. I have always liked horror,Gothic type, and one type that I am ashamed to admit…Romance. I use to sneak them from my moms room, but I would skip the love scenes to graphic for me. But the part where they broke up and found each other again was sooo sigh worthy “aaah”

  3. Stallion: You are correct its called nationstates and its based off this book. It took an idea from the book and expanded on it!

    Loca: loooooooooooool! So you feel embarassed that you like graphic novels? Who cares just enjoy what you read! This guy is different since its about corporate satire and I think he does a fantastic job!

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