Funny Envy


So the other day I went to Kuwait airport to pick-up my mother from the airport since she has been away for the past couple of weeks. She was arriving on an early flight I was at the airport early in the morning expecting the plane to be early too. I thought I would just wait in starbucks and take a look at the magazines in and around there.

As I walk in I see that the plan is delayed for 34 mins, so I decided to get breakfast before going to work. As I walk in there a was a young man on the right who has a decently long religious type beard. My assumption here is that you wouldnt grow it out to the extent where you could measure with a ruler except if your going for the religious look, or maybe the Chuck Norris 1980s look but a little more shaggy, I dont really but it was long.

I saw that he was working very intensly on his laptop and I was curious as to what he was doing on his laptop. So as I am walking up to the sales counter, lined with 4 to 5 starbucks employees, I turned to the right as if looking at the mugs but Im really looking at the guy’s laptop screen. I was in such a shock that I got a closer look, as I got a little closer I was interrupted by one of the starbucks employees seeing if I want a mug or something I told him in a sec. The first time I saw his screen he was playing a game, as I got closer it was a real time strategy game! I was envious of the guy! I wanted to be playing too! It looked like a Command and Conquer type game! I love those types of RTS games, especially with the modern weapons. He was highlighting here, attacking there, building overthere, and sending troops to support the attack! I was watching him intently until I noticed I was pretty damn close to the guy and left to order my breakfast! I was laughing at my self because I wanted to play video games early in the morning too. Now that was a nice shock in the morning! It really entertained me, and after a while my mother arrived, but I was still laughing at my self for being somewhat jealous of the guy who could play video games from 6:50am in the morning, and by the time I left the guy was still playing. I need to play some games!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lol
    la yikoon he was there planning an attack or something :P

    i miss C&C, I used to play it in a dewaniya with the guys, it was fun, the only thing that would mess it up is people with old laptops :P

  2. Maze: hehehehe

    Yazeed: I dont think so, but he looked like he was having fun! hehehe!

  3. Cute UAE

    Man!!!! Tell me about video games crave!!!! It’s driving me nuts!!! I’ve been craving for playing early morning and during midnight….just like when we were in school…those occasional holidays like “3i6lat alrabee3” helped a lot!!!
    ….huge screens…games cartridges scattered around…sound of the A/C….junk food all around…neighbours kids around fighting over who’s the next player….then suddenly all goes quite as someone discovers a new trick….enters a new zone….or about to igayem illi3beh!!!!! Screeeeeams and shouts as the gamer is about to kill/be killed by the monster!!!!
    (Does this sound too Mario Bros to u?!) :P ….hahahaha!!!!
    …yup! my video games crave have been going on since I got busy…the busier I get…the crazier it hits me!!! Now with Wii in the market… patience is decaying everytime I can’t stop thinking of Rayman’s Raving Rabbids!!!

    Man!!! this is one of my longest comments!!!!!!!

  4. I am not much with PC games… I was playing world cup 1996 when I was in the states…. :) that was the only game I played there….

    as for play station 2 I I like God of War… nice game… but I did not try another game…

    is it true that when you play any type of game early in the morning you will feel fully energized for the rest of the day?!?!?

  5. the only games i enjoyed were car games.. i loved Need fo Speed ! id play it over and over again..

  6. do you think if you were in the US you would have made small talk the man, kinda ask him what he was playing? (just a thought)

  7. Cute UAE: Just the Wii, Feel the Wii, Love the Wii, you are one with the Wiiiiiiiiiiii! hehehehe! I know what you mean totally, and the craziest times is when we would be playing mario karts together as well!

    Amo0ora: I a lot of games! Anything entertaining really!

    Laialy: Totaly! I would have talked to him, bes bil ikwait you expect a bad reaction since that I have seen a couple of times so I didnt bother really! hehehehe

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