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Funny Envy


So the other day I went to Kuwait airport to pick-up my mother from the airport since she has been away for the past couple of weeks. She was arriving on an early flight I was at the airport early in the morning expecting the plane to be early too. I thought I would just wait in starbucks and take a look at the magazines in and around there.

As I walk in I see that the plan is delayed for 34 mins, so I decided to get breakfast before going to work. As I walk in there a was a young man on the right who has a decently long religious type beard. My assumption here is that you wouldnt grow it out to the extent where you could measure with a ruler except if your going for the religious look, or maybe the Chuck Norris 1980s look but a little more shaggy, I dont really but it was long.

I saw that he was working very intensly on his laptop and I was curious as to what he was doing on his laptop. So as I am walking up to the sales counter, lined with 4 to 5 starbucks employees, I turned to the right as if looking at the mugs but Im really looking at the guy’s laptop screen. I was in such a shock that I got a closer look, as I got a little closer I was interrupted by one of the starbucks employees seeing if I want a mug or something I told him in a sec. The first time I saw his screen he was playing a game, as I got closer it was a real time strategy game! I was envious of the guy! I wanted to be playing too! It looked like a Command and Conquer type game! I love those types of RTS games, especially with the modern weapons. He was highlighting here, attacking there, building overthere, and sending troops to support the attack! I was watching him intently until I noticed I was pretty damn close to the guy and left to order my breakfast! I was laughing at my self because I wanted to play video games early in the morning too. Now that was a nice shock in the morning! It really entertained me, and after a while my mother arrived, but I was still laughing at my self for being somewhat jealous of the guy who could play video games from 6:50am in the morning, and by the time I left the guy was still playing. I need to play some games!