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ETC – Shuweikh


For a while I was complaining that there arent any high quality A/V shelves or funiture available in Kuwait, and Panasonic in Salmiya has Denon home theater electronics. But there is a home theater company in Kuwait which is run by a man who is passionate about Audio Visuals and high quality equipment. They also carry Onkyo A/V equipment, Mirage Speakers, Meridian speakers, and other theater type equipment. I cant recommend this place enough if your looking for the right type of equipment, and they will install and configure your equipment for you. I like dealing with them, and I have not had any problems working with them. I have two theater rooms setup for feeling the sound of a good theater.


They also carry Omnimount racks, wall mounts, and stands. These are high quality mounts with extreme amounts of flexibility, and a real solid build. Their pricing is pretty reasonable for the real good service you recieve so I dont haggle too much regardin pricing. I really do enjoy going there every once in a while.

Link: Onkyo
Link: Omnimount
Link: Meridian


Location: Shuweikh
Phone: 4825851