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Fuse Short Circuit


It has been strange weather the past couple of days since it could get cold and warm in the same day and we are in the first week of december. I wanted to make sure that people wouldnt freeze in the house so we took out all the heaters of storage and started putting them where they used to be. But I hate having a heater so I never put one in my room, and sometimes because of the weather I sometimes switch on the A/C if no one is in the other rooms that is connected to this A/C system. I love sleeping in the cold!

So after putting each on in its specific location I was slowly switching each one on to see if everything was on. Then I went for the fourth heater, and then boom and a really funny smelling burn in coming out of the heater. It tripped the fuse box for the floor so everything went out and I was going to go nuts beacuse it switched off items on my PC that I didnt save. After a little flip switching in the fuse box I got things working again and I checked that all the other heaters were ok, but damn it stell smelt of a burning after that broken heater. Then I spent 20 mins selectively switching items on in my PC armada! It was funny seeing what happened!